Survey Says: Round 2! Fight!

The first round of this year's draft is such a mystery right now I don't really even want to think about it. It seems pretty evident, though... that if Peters is gone, we'll select the best Tackle available. If he's here... who knows? Best defensive playmaker available?


Either way the Bills will be getting an excellent player in the 1st round, so I'm trying to zero in on the 2nd round crop of players. OL, TE, DE, LB, S are positions of considerable need/upgrading, and there are many 2nd round prospects who could step in and make significant contributions as rookies.


But what has everybody obsessed about here since Takeo Spikes fell off the map? We need defensive playmakers. I cherrypicked what I perceived to be the best 2nd round prospects and I want to see where the community stands on them:


James Laurinaitus: the uber-productive MLB could fit nicely at our strongside spot and is certainly a potential upgrade over Keith Ellison. He does well in coverage and has also produced some sacks in his career. About the same value as Poz was in the 2nd. Would be a safe pick, can't go wrong.


Michael Johnson: the not-so-uber-productive DE is a polarizing prospect. Not the type of pick a building team necessarily makes. But hey, go big or go home, right? He could be a sack-master if he would play harder and learn the game. Maybe the least safe pick in the draft.


William Beatty: Buffalo claims to run a zone-blocking scheme... unfortunately, just about all of their OL aren't any good at it. Thus the OL remodeling. This guy would actually FIT that blocking style. Beatty is a very nimble guy that just needs a little longer in the oven and some strength and he could be a steal in this draft. Very similar player to Tony Ugoh.


Max Unger: jack of all trades but master of none? Who cares? He's seamingly mastered the interior of the OL. Another very safe pick, will be a solid starter for a long time... just maybe not a Pro Bowler.


William Moore: my personal favorite. His stock fell solely because of his record-breaking junior campaign. As a senior, the Tigers played the SS much closer to the LOS much more often, which depleted his INT totals. I would recommend a highlight video of him... he's got everything. The size and all the physical tools, he hits like a truck, awesome ball skills, covers well (he was recruited as a CB). He would flourish in the NFL, he faced mostly spread offenses in the Big 12... but I think he would be much more effective against pro offenses. Without a doubt will be a better player than Donte Whitner, and he made a ton of plays in college.


Duke Robinson: I think he's going to be a solid pro. He looks great in game film. He's got size, strength, and talent.... if teams refine his technique he could be a Pro Bowler. Very safe pick, IMO.


Chase Coffman: he can catch anything and runs great routes but he may never be a complete TE. If you want a guy to reliabally get open in the short and intermediate areas.... here's your guy. I think he'd be a better 3rd-4th round value.


Jarron Gilbert: potential, potential, potential. Very gifted athletically.... raw, raw, raw. Reminds me of Kentwan Balmer the way his stock soared. He could be a monster LDE if he was coached and developed well. Risky pick, but could pay-off huge for an NFL franchise someday.


So who do you pull the trigger on if these guys populate your board?



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