Pre-Draft Roundup

I've been reading a lot of the fan posts lately and have noticed there are tons of opinions floating around about TO, Lynch's suspension, Peters' contract and so on.  Well I decided to throw my 2 cents in and see what kind of discussions we can bring up.

Free Agency started out with a boom when the Bills signed Mr. Diva himself.  At first I was mad and suprised at the same time, but thinking about it and taking in all the "experts" opinions I LOVE it!  He's going to bring a dynamic option to our offense that Buffalo hasn't seen since Reed and Lofton teamed up with each other.  I also think it's a good risk signing him to a 1 year deal.  If he performs as we all expect, the Bills will be a better team and will be able to compete for a change.  If it fails, then oh well...we get another high draft pick, hopefully a new coaching staff and TO moves on.

Even though it's going to suck not to have our #1 RB for the first 3 games of the season he deserves it.  I am a huge Lynch fan but if you're going to put yourself in that kind of situation then you deserve to pay the consequences.  I admire The Commish for sticking to his guns as various player personnel issues arise.  Hopefully Lynch will live up to his words and change.

I'm pretty happy with the additions of Fitzpatrick and Hangartner.  They're both veteran players with starting experience.  Fitz will obviously serve as a back-up and mentor to Edwards and Hangartner will most likely bring his versatility and experience to the starting line-up.  Drayton Florence is an ok pick-up.  Obviously he was a huge disappointment for the Jags last year but hopefully in the nickel and dime packages he can return to his old Charger form and contribute consistently.  McKinney is also a versatile addition that helps bolster our depleted O Line.  I would have liked to see the Bills add one of the various LB's to the team that toured the facility but it doesn't seem like that will happen.  I also think they need to add a RB via FA and get someone with experience to help ease the load from Jackson as Lynch is out.  In the limited action Omon saw last year, I am pretty confident he's not our answer.

The hot button as of late...I'm not going to go on and on about Peters I'm just going to put my opinion out there and end it.  TRADE HIM...yes he's a good player but is inconsistent (Jets game...sack...fumble...TD...loss) and isn't worth the problems he's causing or the negative media attention he's drawing.

I absolutely love the announcement of the NFL schedule.  It gives me the chance to plan my trip from Pittsburgh (boooooooo) to Buffalo to see my 1 Bills game for the year and go to the Bar Bill in East Aurora for wings and beef on weck.

And my post will end with my draft needs list.  In the 1st round we need to address 1 of 3 positions...OL (if Peters is traded) DE or LB.  Depending on which one is addressed the remaining 2 fall into the 2nd round for consideration.  Round 3 - 7 is usually filled with developmental players and hopefully a diamond in the rough or 2.  In those rounds we need to address a possible starting TE as well as depth at OL, LB, DL and we all know Jauron will draft at least 1 DB.

So there you have opinion of the Bills offseason to this point.  Thank you for reading and fire away!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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