Final Mock before the Draft plus Pettigrew vs Ayers Poll

-    This is what I think the Bills will do, not what I would do if I were GM and takes the Peters trade into account.

1st (11) – LT -  Andre Smith, Alabama –  Peter’s replacement.  Many of the Mocks I have seen have Smith falling past us, and I would prefer to skip all the potential drama and take Oher. But, it is reported the Bills like Smith better than Oher, and the 49ers (SOBs, I am still mad at them for taking Willis) may take Oher before us at #10.  The Bills are in win now mode and roll the dice on Smith.

1st  (28) – DE – Robert Ayers, Tennessee – I think this pick will be Ayers or Matthews, with Matthews most likely not lasting this long.  The lack of top notch talent at DE in this years draft along with its depth of average talent will cause teams to wait on taking a DE, so Ayers should still be there at #28.  As much as the Bills would like to see Brandon Pettigrew here, I doubt it.  The Eagles wouldn’t give us their #21 (I don’t buy we didn’t want it) either because they needed it to trade for Boldin or because they want Pettigrew for themselves.  If the Eagles do pass on Pettigrew, I doubt the Falcons will at #24.   If both Ayers and Pettigrew are there…..hummm….. I smell a poll question.

2nd (42) –   Center/Guard, Mack, Unger, or Wood in that order.  I think the Bills value versatility in their linemen.  The Bills will not have a shot at Mack and will be lucky if Wood or Unger are left.  Start him at guard and move him to center in a year or two if Hangartner doesn’t perform as expected.  If the Bills trade for Waters, it could change this pick, but until then it stays as is.

3rd (75) -   SS - Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest – K.O. gets knocked out. Whitner moves to FS.  Vaughn should be able to earn the starting SS spot by next season at the latest.

4th (110) – OLB - Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida – He should be able to beat out Ellison and start day one in Crowell’s old spot.  “Positives: Some versatility to play inside and in space. … "Sam" linebacker who lines up in the stack and nine-techniques. … Holds his ground adequately against tackles on outside run plays, can shed to turn play inside or make the tackle. … Breaks down in the open, and can wrap up elusive runners in space. … Brings his hips to hit ballcarriers straight on, and will put his helmet on the ball to create a turnover. … Gets a fair punch on tight ends to knock them off the line, and stays with them in coverage. … Will chase and hustle downfield, giving second or third effort on inside runs plays to get to the ball.

Negatives: Could be considered a bit of an inside-outside "tweener" by NFL teams. … Not especially fluid dropping into coverage. … Comes out of the game in nickel situations and probably will do so in the NFL. … Not quick enough to corral slot receivers in zones. … Doesn't have the great strength or bulk to fight his way through trash inside.”

4th (121) – TE - Anthony Hill, North Carolina St. – At 6’ 5” and 262 lbs, he is Pettigrew without the hype and will help improve the blocking on our newly remodeled O-line. “Outstanding size and bulk...Has a huge frame with long arms...Tough and physical...Excellent strength...An outstanding blocker...Stout at the point and gets a good push...Soft, reliable hands...Can be a threat in the redzone...Works well in traffic and can take a hit...Understands how to get open...May offer some versatility...Has a  lot of experience.”

5th (147) - DT - Terrance Knighton ,Temple –  I refuse to pin my hope on Big Jon McBusto.  Even if McCargo does manage to live up to half his potential, he is not the rock that Knighton is.  At  6’ 3” and 321 lbs, he has the “beef” to be the run stuffer we have been missing since the Bills let Pat Williams walk out the door.  “Knighton's large body and fair athleticism is coveted by NFL scouts. The 2008 first-team All-MAC pick contributed heavily as a true freshman (after a post-graduate year at Milford Academy) before earning the starting nod in each of the next three seasons. He averaged 56 tackles, 7.5 for loss and four pass breakups from 2006-2008, while recovering six fumbles and blocking four kicks over the past two years. Teams looking for a one-gap 4-3 nose tackle will be most interested in Knighton.” 

6th (183) – OG, Roger Allen – I really wanted to put our favorite FB, Johnson, back in this spot, but then I remembered this mock was supposed to be what the Bills would do.  I liked Allen from Brian’s mock, so I decided to steal him. “Good size and bulk with long arms...Excellent strength and power...A great initial punch...Aggressive and super competitive...Plays with a nasty demeanor and finishes his blocks...Gets a fantastic push in the run game...Stout at the point of attack...Good balance...Nice instincts and awareness...A terrific work ethic...Tough and will play through pain...Durable...Has a lot of experience...Very mature...A team leader.”

7th (220) - DE, Pannel Egboh, Stanford –  He went to Stanford… can Jauron resist an Ivy Leaguer? “Legitimate NFL frame. … Well-built athlete with the frame to add an additional 10-15 pounds without significant loss of quickness. … At least adequate initial quickness off the snap. … Uses his long arms well to fend off the blockers and disengage. … Good key-and-diagnose skills. … Team defender who understands his responsibility and fights to keep contain. … Reads the action and has the flexibility to break down in space and make the tackle at the line of scrimmage. … Good strength. … Plays with good leverage despite his height and can push the tackle into the quarterback's passing lane. … Athletic enough to occasionally be used on the zone blitz. … Four-year starter.”

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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