Who will be avialable when the Bills are on the Clock!!!

The Buffalo Bills Draft for 2009

Who they should be able to pick and be a solid fit for Buffalo round by round

This includes the 4th round from Pittsburgh (132 overall) in trade for Roscoe Parrish.  I think this will happen and done before the start of the draft Saturday.

1st Round  - 11th overall

Everett Brown – DE  - FSU – He is a simple pass rushing DE with the ability to handle the run.  Undersized but that is what we need for the Tampa 2 system

Andre Smith – OT – Alabama – He was the consencus number one OT overall until some minor character issues.  He can be plugged in and start for the first preseason game and the rest of the season.

Mike Oher – OT – Old Miss – He has the most ability and upside of the top 4 OT in this draft but he has lapses at times.  He can also be plugged in as the starter from day one.

Brian Cushing – OLB – USC – He can simply play.  Has had a couple of injuries during his career at USC but will simply be a starter.

1st Round – 28th overall

Eben Britton – OT – Arizona – Solid player and would be our LT come the start of the season.  Nothing flashy just a lunchpail guy.

William Beaty – OT – Connecticut – Athletic and would be a great replacement on the line for Mr. Peters

Alex Mack – C – California – Center or guard.  He has a nasty attitude.  Nice addition to any line.

Robert Ayers – DE – Tennessee – His stock has been soaring but what scares me is that he has only one year as a starter.  Taking him at 11 would be a gamble.  If he falls to 28 it would be a great spot to sure up the D-line

Larry English – DE – No. Illinois – Classic tweener who would make an impact on passing downs for us.  Undersized and may struggle a little against the run.  He can get to the passer.  Who on the Bills except Shoebel does?

2nd round – 42nd  overall

Duke Robinson – OG – Oklahoma – This what a guard should look like and produce.  He will pass block and make running lanes.  Plug him in to start and go.

Andy Levitre – OG – Oregon State – Guard with skill and nasty streak.  We need attitude on the offensive line.  Starter from day one.

Clint Sintim – OLB – Virginia – Solid player with speed would become an instant improvement over Ellison.  Start him now.

Fili Moala – DT – USC – Our run defense was 22nd in the league last year.  Putting player with size and stoutness on the line next to Stroud would make a huge difference. This player would do that.

3rd round – 75th overall

Marcus Freeman – OLB – Ohio State – He can flat out play and would be a starter now.

Herman Johnson – OG – LSU – This man would me the next “House” to play in Buffalo.  Going around 4 bills he could move some people around and be a great asset to the offensive line.  Have to worry about weight issues.  Push him away from the table every once in a while.

Michael  Hamlin – SS – Clemson – We need to move Donte to FS and to do that we need a safety who would like to step in the box .  Here is our guy and Ko can go.

4th round – 110, 121, 132

We have three picks in this round to get three of the following

Jonathon Casillias – OLB – Wisconsin – An undersized linebacker with speed.  A three year starter and would be a starter for the Bills.

Cornelius Ingram – TE – Florida – He is a year removed from ACL surgery and was a potential first round pick but decided to come back for his senior year.  Tore up his knee in spring practice.  We need a TE to stretch the field and he can do it.  The potential for reinjuring his knee will allow him to fall to the 4th round.

Travis Beckum – TE – Wisconsin – Another TE bitten by the injury bug.  Has great pass catching skills and would need work on blocking skills for the run game.  The Bills can teach him that.  A vertical threat is what we need from the TE position.

Zach Follett – OLB – California – Tackling machine.  He is undersized and would beast fit into the tampa 2 system. 

Phillip Hunt – DE – Houston – He has been profiled on the website.  Look it up.

Cortney Greene – SS – Rutgers – Safety who is loves making a hit and can play in the box.  Donte to FS here we come.

Nic Harris – OLB – Oklahoma – played Safety in college and projects to OLB in the pros.  Buffalo already had him at OBD.  He would be a great addition.

5th round – 147 overall

Mike Wallace – WR – Ole Miss – This is the new Roscoe Parrish but he is taller by about an inch.  Simply a special teams pick.

Corey Irvin – DT – Georgia – Has visited OBD and has a good upside and playing next to a former Bulldog in Stoud would be a good thing.

6th round – 183 overall

Dan Gronkowski – TE – Maryland – Just a TE who can block and catch.  Cannot stretch the field.  He has a high motor.

Lydon Murtha – OT – Nebraska – Has potential to be a starter in this league but needs to work on skills and technique.  A nice back up with upside

Brandon Walker – OG – Oklahoma – Has potential to be a solid contributor on the next level.  Was over shadowed by Duke Robinson and Phil Loadholt in college. 

7th round – 220 overall

Tony Fiammetta – FB – Syracuse – His is simply a great blocking back who can catch the ball out of the backfield.  One of the best FB available in this draft.  If he is here the Bills lucked out. 

Brett Helms – C – LSU – Undersized but smart is best set for a zone blocking scheme.  Anyone who is smart and a center can be better than what we had. 

Chris Clemons – S/CB - Clemson – Great timed speed and has upside.  You cannot teach speed but you can teach technique. 

Here are my ideas of who would be available to draft and fit for the Bills.  Let me know what you think.  If anyone of these player is drafted by the Bills that would make the team better.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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