Let's Get Some Bang for Our Bills

I've been avoiding making a mock draft up til now because things change so much and it just seems a little tired. But it's NFL Draft Eve all week and everyone's dying to open their presents. What are we gonna get?!!


Well, the Bills are in quite a pickle this year. There are several positions that need up-grading and some need numbers AND up-grading.

1-11-Michael Oher, LT, Ole Miss. I just don't see Andre Smith being there at 11, so unless the Bills trade up to get him... Oher is good value for the pick and it's a must to snag him because the drop-off between he and Britton is appreciable.

1-28- Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee. I don't like the pick, but Buffalo's staff will be stoked to find him here because they will be able to unload Kelsay if he is. I don't see many teams ahead of us that would go with Ayers over other DE's. I think Larry English will also be available here, but it's obvious who the Bills like more. A trade-up for Brandon Pettigrew is absolutely necessary if the Bills want him because he ain't getting past the Falcons at 24 and might go as early as the Eagles at 21.

2-42- Max Unger, OL, Oregon. It cannot be over-stated how valuable Unger's versatility is. If any part of the interior line experiences a defection, Unger can slide right in there. This is the perfect spot for Unger to go as far as value goes.

3-75- Fili Moala, DT, USC. It came down to Moala and Magee. Moaloa is more of what the Bills are looking for: a complete DT. And I do believe he'll fall to the 3rd round with guys like Ziggy Hood and Ron Brace and Jarron Gilbert going ahead of him in the 2nd.

4-110- Chase Coffman, TE, Mizzou. Coffman is as good of a receiving TE as you'll find in this draft, but he's in the 4th round because he's not a great blocker. He shows a willingness to block and maybe with some strength and coaching he will become better at it.

4-121- Kaluka Maiava, OLB, USC. A lot of people say of all the Trojan LBs he looks the best on film. His only downside is he's about the same size as Kieth Ellison, the very player we're trying to upgrade. The difference is he plays much better than Ellison. He excels in space and coverage. At the very least he will provide invaluable depth at a violent position, not bad for a 4th rounder.

5-147- Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech. Similar to Brad Butler in that he is not the most athletic cat in the junkyard but he is the meanest. Is probably being down-graded by scouts for playing in a passing system.

6-183- Otis Wiley, S, Michigan State. Athletic and talented safety that had an excellent senior year. Developmental prospect with the size to play SS.

7-220- Brannan Southerland, FB, Georgia. A very complete fullback and a good short-yardage runner. Excellent special teamer as well.

Well, these are my predictions. The most likely things to change the Bills' draft would be a trade for Pettigrew (which I think is likely) and a trade for Brian Waters including Roscoe Parrish and a later pick (which I also think is likely). Both trades would likely eliminate Max Unger, Robert Ayers, and Chase Coffman from my mock..... wich is fine with me if the Bills pull those 2 deals off. It would look something more like:

1a. Oher

1b. Pettigrew

2. Larry English

4a. Chris Baker

4b. Maiava

5. Vasquez

6. Wiley

7. Southerland

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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