Final Mock Draft V4.0

Round 1

11. Aaron Maybin, DE Penn State / 6'4" 249lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.64 / Bench Press: 22 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Michael Oher, OT Mississippi)

28. Jarron Gilbert, DT San Jose State (from Eagles) / 6'5" 288lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.81 / Bench Press: 28 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Alex Mack, C/G California)

Round 2

42. Phil Loadholt, OT Oklahoma / 6'8" 332lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 5.45 / Bench Press: 26 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Connor Barwin, DE Cincinnati)

Round 3

75. Herman Johnson, OG LSU / 6'7" 356lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 5.50 / Bench Press: 21 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Patrick Chung, SS Oregon)

Round 4

110. James Casey, TE Rice / 6'3" 246lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.69 / Bench Press: 28 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: James Casey, TE Rice)

121. Zack Follett, OLB California (from Eagles) / 6'2" 236lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.69 / Bench Press: 21 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Zack Follett, OLB California)

Round 5

147. Tony Fiammetta, FB Syracuse / 6'0" 245lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.58 / Bench Press: 30 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Kory Sheets, RB Purdue)

Round 6

183. Lydon Murtha, OT Nebraska / 6'7" 306lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.82 / Bench Press: 25 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Louis Vasquez, OG Texas Tech)

Round 7

220. Jamarca Sanford, SS Mississippi / 5'10" 214lbs. / 40-Yard Dash: 4.43 / Bench Press: 29 reps

(V3.0 Previous Pick: Clinton McDonald, DT Memphis)

The Bills' biggest need? Providing defensive pressure on the QB ... with this mock draft you get three players who had double-digit sack numbers last year in college (Maybin 12, Follett 11, Gilbert 10). I think all three are capable of stepping in and starting immediately. The front four would be:

DLE Aaron Maybin

DLT Marcus Stroud

DRT Jarron Gilbert

DRE Aaron Schobel

LB corps:

SLB Kawika Mitchell

MLB Paul Posluszny

WLB Zack Follett

The next biggest need is shoring up the O-line, especially given the loss of Jason Peters. I am following the model that the Dallas Cowboys of the 90's, and the Washington Redskins of the 80's followed: draft the the BIG BOYS. Phil Loadholt is the biggest OT and he is talented, pairing with Duke Robinson at Oklahoma to create a formidable left side. I have him playing RT for the Bills. Herman Johnson is the biggest man in the draft. He is a big man who can move. There's always a weight issue with these big guys, but if they can keep the weight under control, they can give a team the keys to an elite running game. The O-line:

LT Langston Walker

LG Kirk Chambers/Seth McKinney

C Geoff Hangartner

RG Herman Johnson

RT Phil Loadholt

I would expect James Casey to step in and be the starter at TE. He is a receiving threat, both underneath route running, and down the seam patterns. All this guy did was produce last year (111 rec., 13 TD). The knock that he isn't strong enough just isn't true; he did 28 reps at the combine (t-1st most among TE's).

Fiametta, Murtha, and Sanford are quality depth picks. Fiametta and Sanford can also contribute on special teams. I'm not sure if Sanford could come in and start at SS, but he would definitely bring competition to the position and develop into a starter down the road. Fiammetta replaces McIntyre down the road.

My thinking has changed a bit in the build-up to the draft and ultimately I think that Aaron Maybin is the best pash rusher in the draft. If he's available he fits the Bills' biggest need. However, pressuring the QB is a team effort and the Bills need to draft defensive position players that have the ability to rush the QB and handle the other responsibilites of their respective positions (i.e. pass coverage, run defense, etc.), hence the picks of Gilbert & Follett.

I remember watching Bills games last year on tv and constantly hearing the commentary that the Bills' offensive line was the biggest in the NFL. Well, last year it didn't seem to matter much, as Marshawn Lynch often found holes closing up and Trent Edwards getting hands in his face far too often. Well, with Loadholt and Johnson the Bills will retain the title of having the largest O-line in the NFL, but they will be better overall. Loadholt and Johnson are BIG men, but they are also talented lineman. And when they are paired together on the right side, I envision one of the best power running games in the NFL. I think Langston Walker is capable of playing LT and I think that sacrificing drafting defensive pass rushers for a 1st round LT is a mistake. I really think that Lydon Murtha can develop into the Bills' LT of the future, just as Jason Peters developed into a quality LT. Murtha is an athletic big man who has room to add more weight to his frame.

This is my last mock draft, and I really feel it is the best one. Good luck to the Bills this weekend!!!


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