Another Draft, and More Confusing Picks??

Don't get me wrong, the Bills did fill some much needed holes during this draft.  However, here are some picks I am confused about.

Maybin- I like this kid a lot.  He has speed off the edge, which is nice for a change and hopefully he turns into the next Bruce Smith.  However, I am very confused why the Bills didn't select Brian Orakpo with this pick.  It was a no brainer for me and all my friends watching when he fell. Orakpo was the only protypical 4-3 defensive end (thats what we run) and Maybin along with every other DE expect Ayers was put into that 3-4 defense.  If Maybin doesn't put on about 20lbs he is likely only going to be on the field on 3rd downs.  He cannot defened agains the run and he hasn't played at this new weight of 250.  He played at 230 in college.  This was a big head scratcher when orakpo was still there.

Bryd-  This was a horrible pick, probably right up there with the Oakland Raiders taking Heyward-Bay over Crabtree.  Bryd is a so-called ball hawk that never played saftey in college. Hmm, its confusing when the best rated safteys were on the board and the Bills selected a CB (that was projected a 3rd round pick) to come and play saftey.  It is also HORRIBLE when Rey Mauluga and Everette Brown are sitting there when they were supposed to be top 15 picks.  This was an easy decision the Bills Blew. They should of taken Mauluga with this pick and kicked Poz to the outside. They were also dissapointed they saw Brown fall this far as they missed out on Pettigre.

All the Corners- enough said, they drafted corners. Not just one, but three. I believe that puts us at 8 CB's on the depth chart. If someone understands their mentality here, please explain it to me.  Maybe they plan to trade away Mcgee, Youboty and Mckelvin because they just drafted a whole new corps this draft and picked up Florence in the offseason?????????? Why take corners when you could of had Brown or Mauluga, or more lineman (a position we need).


Both lineman- We have made a good move to solidify the interior of our line here. Isn't it weird we drafted two white lineman, and picked up a white center this offseason?? You think they are trying to copy the Patriots??

Nelson- Great value in the 4th. A fast guy that can stretch the field. Needs to put on 10lbs and practice his blocking a bit, but a great pick at this spot.

Indifferent to the rest of the picks.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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