Draft Grades

I think the Bills made some of the best picks in the draft and some definite head scratchers.  This is how I reacted to these picks after the weekend.


Aaron Maybin- I wasn't thrilled initially with the pick because I preferred taking an OT here, but the more I look at Maybin the more I like him.  He may have the highest upside of any defensive player in the draft, but is also considered a project. Only reason I don't give this pick a flat out A is because the Bills are in a win now mode.

Grade: A-

Eric Wood- Very good football player.  A great fundamentals guy plus has a mean streak about his game, which I think is often overlooked in OL prospects.  My only real issue is how high we took him.  The argument was that Alex Mack came off the board so they couldn't wait, but I really would have liked to see the Bills move ahead of the Ravens to get Michael Oher.  Will be a solid OG for the Bills for the forseeable future.

Grade: B+

Jairus Byrd- This was the pick I was most upset with, and it has nothing to do with how good Byrd is.  Going into the draft CB was our strongest position, and for some reason the Bills felt the need to address a strength on our team on 3 seperate occasions. Kiper said Byrd could turn into a nice nickel back down the line, but why would you draft a career nickel back that high? I just don't get the philosophy behind this pick at all.  There was a guy taken only one pick later that was in our consideration at the #11 Everette Brown.  With an aging Schobel why not go out and arguably grab the top 2 edge rushers in the draft? 

Grade: D


Andrew Levitre- Very solid pick.  He is a versatile player, and it will be interesting if the Bills try to plug him in at OT right away.

Grade: B+


Shawn Nelson-  I saw an article that had him as the best value pick in the entire draft, and I tend to agree.  He was the best pure pass catching TE in the draft and we got to wait until round 4 to get him.  I think he could come in and potentially be a Dustin Keller type player (Jets took him in the bottom end of the 1st round last year). The guy has a ton of upside plus actual college production so this pick was a home run for me.

Grade: A+


Nic Harris: I liked this pick more than most, because I feel he is a great athlete that can be molded into a solid cover 2 lb.  Not a starter anytime soon but should be a special teams threat.

Grade: B

Cary Harris: I don't know why we took three CB's honestly.  Maybe one to cover in case McGee leaves (please dont let that happen just sign McGee). I know we let Greer go but McKelvin is taking his spot, and Youbouty and Corner are solid backups. So you take a CB that is extremely slow, confusing.

Grade: F

Ellis Lankster: Another CB who is slow. I would have like the Bills to take a top end FB or address some other need with one of these CB picks. Just head scratching that the Bills made so many good picks, but left a bitter after taste with all these CB's.


Thanks and I'm always interested in your feedback.

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