Mock Draft V1.0

Ah, too bad it will be only a dream.

It all starts with a trade. No, Jason Peters isn't involved, I just hope to god he sees that his fat ass isn't worth being the best paid tackle in the league. The trade does involve, however, Peters most frivolously projected landing spot in the event of a trade; Philadelphia. Philly could be very keen to the idea of drafting tackle Michael Oher if he falls to the 11 spot. Buffalo trades their first round pick (#11) for Philadelphia's first (#21) and second (#53) round picks.


First Round


# 21 - Brandon Pettigrew TE (Oklahoma St.)


I have been back and forth on the idea of taking him with the eleventh pick (along with Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing). I'm a lot less apprehensive about taking him ten picks later. He's going to be real special in the near future, and I could see him in his prime being a lot like Owen Daniels.


Second Round


# 42 - Max Unger G (Oregon)


I've been bouncing around a few different guys here (taking Ayers who's not likely to be here or English who may be a one-trick pony) and have finally settled on Unger. I really wanted to take Duke Robinson with the #53 pick, but the best option was to go with Unger here. Sturdy, smart, and athletic. What more could you ask for?


# 53 - Tyrone McKenzie OLB (South Florida)


This might seem like a reach with McKenzie projected to be a 3rd round draft pick, but I don't think he'll make it past the Giants second round selection. His peripherals make him sound a lot like Keith Ellison. One ideal thing McKenzie has that Ellison doesn't is size. The difference is only two inches and fifteen pounds, but in a game situation there is a tangible difference. Really, McKenzie seems a lot like Angelo Crowell.


Third Round


# 75 - Lawrence Sidbury Jr. DE (Richmond)


Perhaps Sidbury can be this year what Chris Ellis couldn't be last year. He's got plus speed, and good size to go with it. In his first year he could be shuffled with Denney and Kelsay and occasionally put in to spell Schobel. And his name is Lawrence.


Fourth Round


# 108 - Cedric Peerman RB (Virginia)


Peerman struggled with injuries during his college career, but if he can stay healthy, he is a very viable change-of-pace kind of guy. Think of a bulkier Darren Sproles. And yes, he has pass catching and kick returning ability.


Fifth Round


# 147 - Corvey Irvin DT (Georgia)


The big tackle plays at 6'3" and almost 300 pounds. Viewed largely as a developmental second day pick. He has the intangibles, but just needs some seasoning at the pro level. Irvin is not the huge hole-plugger that many are hoping for, but he's nobody to sneeze at, either.


Sixth Round


# 183 - Quinn Johnson FB (LSU)


The bayou bengals have been popping out NFL-caliber talent at a good clip in the past few years. Even as a rookie I could see Johnson coming in and doing a better job than Barnes and McIntyre did last year. He's got some room for development as well.


Seventh Round


# 220 - Lydon Murtha T (Nebraska)


A popular late round pick around here. Murtha had an extremely good combine workout, and is quite good in pass blocking. One weakness is his below-average footwork in the run game. He's also going to have to bulk up a bit, but at 6'7" he's got a good frame for a tackle.


So, what do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Want to debate it?

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