pisa tinoisamoa - breakdown vs. other LBs

i posted this in the comments thread for OJ's fanpost, but i think it's worth using as my first fanpost ever. i cleaned up some grammar. i also changed the title since it was pretty long.

turnovers/big play "capacity"

i think it’s interesting that tinoisamoa seems to have some good numbers in the big-play department. he’s played 84 games, and he’s got 16 turnovers forced, ten sacks, and 25 passes defended. that’s a turnover or big play on the QB once every four games, not bad for a LB of any caliber. ray lewis, long considered the definition of an excellent and well-rounded LB, has a combined 74 big plays in 178 games, or around one every 3 games. lewis averages a PD every other game, tinoisamoa’s average is around one every 3.4 games.

8 of pisa’s turnovers – fully half – came in his first year of seven, however, which is worth noting.

in comparison (i threw in some names of guys that came in this offseason):

pisa: 84 games, 7 INT, 9 FF, 25 PD, 10 sacks
ellison: 42 games, 2 INT, 0 FF, 9 PD, 2 sacks
poz: 19 games, 1 INT, 1 FF, 6 PD, 0 sacks (our LBs blitz a LOT, too, as we learned in the breakdown posted earlier this offseason)
mitchell: 91 games, 6 INT, 5 FF, 23 PD, 12 sacks
crowell: 65 games, 5 INT, 4 FF, 17 PD, 7 sacks
keiaho: 39 games, 1 INT, 2 FF, 1 PD, .5 sacks
june: 88 games, 12 INT, 3 FF, 24 PD, 1 sack (obviously a coverage lb)
peterson: 135 games, 15 INT, 6 FF, 40 PD, 19.5 sacks
pisa’s stats extrapolated to 135 games (like peterson): 135 games, 12 INT, 15 FF, 41 PD, 16 sacks (quite comparable, all told).

just some food for thought. past performance isn’t a guarantee of anything, as we all know (see: aaron schobel, derrick dockery, jason peters), but it IS something to think about. as we’ve seen with players like whitner, not everyone has big-play ability in them. a player can be a strong contributor for a long time without making a huge impact, but i really think that i’d prefer a player that doesn’t have the measurables of someone else but can make the plays (see: jairus byrd, hopefully).

also note that ellison’s numbers in this department (not tackling, obviously) are very close to poz’s future numbers if you extrapolate his out.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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