This isn’t a dump…just a blurb.


I had a conversation today with Greg Laybourn, safety,  from Oregon State.  He was in town for a tryout at OBD.

First thing I thought was that this was not a big dude.  He acknowledged as much, but made sure to mention he was a student of the game.  This kid was the leading tackler in the Pac 10 last year, so who the hell am I to question his skills.  Super polite guy, and very well spoken; the kind of guy you could tell likes football, and who likes to play it.

Like an idiot, I asked what was it like to play with Jaruis Byrd.  He replied, “Uh, he played for Oregon, our arch rival.”  Stupid me.  We kept talking about football and he brought up Andy Levitre.  Told me how amazing he was, and that he never saw a guy that big along the OL be that athletic.  The “short arm” thing was brought up, but so was the versatility and leadership. 

He also brought up Keith Ellison.  He had nothing but mucho respect for him.

Also talked briefly with Leon Freeman, an OLB from Baylor.  Same thing as Laybourn - super polite.  If this dude is a LB, I would not want to be a RB.

On to the UFL…

I’m paying attention to this league.  I think it has the right idea for the long haul, but I think they’re being dumb right off of the bat.  Here’s why:

 - Why is the team cap at almost 20 million a team?  That’s what I heard/read; could be wrong.  Even with only 4 teams, a Versus contract ain’t gonna net you that much, let alone cover the rest of your overhead.

 - Why are they playing in the fall?  Why not take advantage of the down time in sports when the NHL and NBA end, and MLB is king? 

 - Losman is the QB with local ties to this league, and deservedly so.  But with Drew Willy being released by Baltimore today, might he have the chance to be a UFL QB?  And will Losman now start a VegasLives.Org publicity stunt only to abandon it once he doesn’t like it there anymore?

- Who are the guys with any links to the Bills who might have a go-round with the UFL?

- Can guys who sign with the UFL just leave abruptly if offered a cup of coffee in the NFL?

- How many of you will play UFL fantasy football?  For the record, I’d do it.  Something small - maybe ten bucks or so for the entry. 

- Will Vegas put lines out on these games? 

- Why is this league not marketing itself?  I know it’s only four teams.  I know the season is only six games long.  But still, if done the right way, it could be a huge success…

Is Langston Walker worthy of extension talk?  He’s been a good teammate if you ask me.  

When the schedule came out, I was happy the Jets home game was shipped out to Toronto.  Was I short-sighted, maybe selfish?  I hate that home game every year - hate it.  But I’m thinking now the division is a lot closer than I thought (I really think it’s a crap shoot).  Isn’t giving away a divisional home game away two years in a row despicable? 

I read the Giants were selling the naming rights to their practice jerseys and practice field to Timex, from PFT.  Now, we all know Wilson isn’t going to sell the naming rights to the stadium, just because…well…who knows.  But, does he really need the practice field named after him as well?  Isn’t that overkill?  I thought the Timex deal was/is 15 for 35.  Even if Buffalo got 15 for 1, isn’t that better than nothing at all? 

Last I saw the Bills/Pats line for the opener, it was minus nine and a half.; never caught the over/under though.  Anyone got that?

When does T.O.’s show air?  What’s the percent that we will watch it?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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