Watched some Bills/Jets replay

I miss football. 


I needed some sort of Bills football and fortunately, well unfortunately, this game happened to be on NFL Replay.  Thought I'd throw together some thoughts.

-J.P. Losman stinks, but it's still somewhat hard to believe he received no interest on the open market. It's not hard to believe he didn't get signed, but the lack of interest was a bit odd. I guess his head and inability to read a D was too much for any team to bother going after him.

He played like Trent Edwards that day.  Lots of dump offs to the running backs because the WR's couldn't get open downfield.  Doesn't it seem like our WR's struggle more than most to get open?  Losman sure loved to throw the high ball too.  Any time he threw it downfield, more than 5 yards, it was high.  I'm guessing that didn't help his cause either. 

I sure hope our offense this year doesn't revolve around dumpoffs to RB's, TE's and the occasional WR.  Trent needs to go downfield and can't just do it when it's absolutely necessary.  The WR's need to help him out by actually getting open too.

-Glad we've hung onto Roscoe Parrish.  He's pretty darn good returning punts. 

-Leo might be even better at returning kicks.  BS call on the return TD that got called back....

-Keith Ellison made his only play of the year!  It was on the fake punt where he ran for a first down.....

-I love watching Marshawn Lynch run.  He's so tough to bring down in the open field.  I just wish we'd get him the ball more in that capacity.  Fairchild didn't do it, and neither does Schonert too often.  Where are the outside pitches to him, the screens, the stretch handoffs???  He's so wiggly and quick with his cuts.  What a joy to watch run the ball.  Dierdorf couldn't stop slobbering all over him.  At one point he said that he hasn't seen a runner refuse to go down like Lynch in a loooooong time.

(Side note: why haven't we heard about his appeal yet?  Did he appeal?  I forget.  His suspension has to get reduced, right?  Wife beater Brandon Marshall and his multiple arrests got his reduced to 1 game....why won't Lynch and his gun in the trunk arrest?  I guess we won't hear about it until the HOF game is upon us.)

-Derek Fine is a better athlete than we give him credit for.  I forget how well he performed at the Combine....3rd most reps for a TE, 2nd best shuttle time, best cone drill time.  He's going to be a good player for us this year, and not just as a blocker....

-Fred Jackson is a great backup and that run for the TD he had against the Jets where he refused to go down was a thing of beauty.  I love the one-two punch of Marshawn and him.  Sprinkling in Dominic Rhodes occasionally and I absolutely love our running backs.  I just hope the blocking can hold up and give them enough room to run....

-I absolutely loved the enthusiasm and emotion after his TD by the entire offense.  One thing this team didn't do much of last year was quit.

-I hate Brett Favre.

-He was so washed up at the end of last year.  Maybe it was the shoulder, but his decision making was just as dinged up.

-Donte Whitner can't cover anyone.  I've said that a lot before, and this was a game where he proved that.  At various times, the team had him covering Chris Baker, Jerricho Cotchery, David Clowney, Dustin Keller and he got beat by all of them.  He's always a step late.  Do we continue lining him up on receivers this year?  Can we afford to?

-I like Steve Johnson's blocking ability.  It's still a work in progress, but he has the attitude and willingness to be very good at it.  That's going to be one reason he sees the field this year.

-Wow, Leodis McKelvin sure looked terrible that day, and proved why he still has a LONG ways to go before he's dependable.  As bad as Whitner might have been, Leo was much worse.  He was getting beat downfield all day by Laveranues Coles.  Luckily, he's getting a full offseason to improve and better understand what he needs to do.  He's got to shore up that separation he allows the receivers to get.

-Did I forget to mention anything? Oh yeah, my favorite topic....the anemic pass rush.  Haha, it wasn't even worth calling it a rush that day.  3 and 4 man rushes just don't work with this defense.  We've got to hope Aaron Maybin is a stud right away because we sure need it.  Favre had ALL DAY to throw in this one.

-Terrence McGee is so underrated, when he's healthy. 

-Why do the Bills always find new ways to lose?  Why us!?!?

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