Here’s a quick brain dump…

I know it’s early, but who’s got the early leg up on the LB spot opposite Mitchell?  For the record, I’m pulling for Bowen.

Who is Kyle Ward?  And why is Chris Brown even mentioning him?  Between him, Cary Harris, and Ellis Lankster - who is making this team, or ending up on the practice squad?

Does John McCargo have competition?  Or, is his only competition himself?  Was Kolar really a bum for a DL coach?  I think this might be one of the most underrated stories of the off season.  Given Stroud’s age and all, a quality 4th DT is a must have position in my book.  He has the god given talent to be a number two guy; maybe even a number one.  Sanders has his work cut out for him here. 

I’m okay with Berman doing the honors for Ralph.  From a marketing point of view, it’s actually really kind of smart.

Does Youboty stay healthy this year?  Supposedly, he’ll be ready to go soon.  I think he’s as much of a wild card to this defense as McCargo is.

Does anyone know why Nelson is missing OTA time?  I just can’t fathom why a rookie would be missing any time at all. 

I like Steve Johnson, and I think many of us do here, maybe to a fault.  But how smart/cool is it that he was the fourth wheel in the Edwards/Evans/TO extra practice session?  If you ask me, that’s the way you win a spot on an NFL team.  Who knows…he might not make it here.  But I have to think that watching and learning from Evans and TO has to help you somewhat.

Jets defense is talking a lot of smack already.  Growing up on Bills football in the late 70’s/early 80’s made me hate the Dolphins.  Over the last few years, I’ve hated/admired the Pats.  I think this year, my displeasure may be directed towards the Jets, and their fans.  Good luck Toronto with that game.  You might not want NFL football after you see that display of Jet-ish-ness.

Where has Marv Levy been?  Haven’t heard a word from him in awhile.  Did he and Ralph have a falling out?  I always wondered why he completely walked away.  I was very surprised he didn’t stay on in some advisor kind of role.

Knock on wood - no off season stories featuring Lynch so far.  Everyone uses the phrase “no news is good news” at one time or another.  In his case, it is so true….

Am I the only one amazed that TO doesn’t have some kind of a “popcorn” deal in the works?  Admit it - each and every one of you reading this would easily shell out five bucks for a bag of TO/Bills microwaveable popcorn if some of the proceeds went to a charity. 

Speaking of TO…why do I get the feeling he’ll be the home run threat, and Evans will play a role he’s unfamiliar with (ie - possession type WR)? 

Early word is that Eric Wood is the funk.  What about Levitre?  I’m hoping I’ll be hearing the same thing about him soon. 

The rule that keeps a kid like Byrd away from OBD is just stupid.  What good does that rule serve anyone?  How can anyone justify that?

One of my friends has been banging my sister for awhile now, and they’re finally gonna tie the knot on August 29th.  The stag is two weeks before that.  Since most (if not all) of the guys in our FF league will be at the stag, is it considered poor taste to kill two birds with one stone there?  Stag, Stripper(s), Draft - is that a bad day? 

I’ll do some fessing up here.  For several years, I have hated the NBA.  I loved it way back in the day, from the time Bird & Magic came up together through the Jordan years.  Since then, I’ve been nothing but a hockey and football guy though.  But for some reason, I got hooked into the NBA playoffs this year, and not just as a gambling degenerate.  What gives?  Should I be worried about this?

Fessing up, part duex - I’m still surprised at how little Fred Jackson got in his extension.  I was off by over a million a year, and I’d like to think I’m usually a lot closer than that.  Good for the Bills and their bottom line. 

The Titans recently starting hawking NASCAR like patches on their practice jerseys for sponsorships, and my guess is that the rest of the league follows suit.  Any chance we could get Buffalo Rumblings to sponsor the practice jersey?  That would be a jersey I’d buy for sure…

And while on the topic of adding revenue, why do they not have a deal in place with the NY State Lottery?  Like many level headed folks, I don’t waste my time with those stupid scratch offs, knowing they are a waste of money.  And this comes from someone who really, really, likes to gamble.  Anyway, they should get this done soon.  Everyday that goes by is a day they are basically passing on free money, and that’s just dumb.

The first two home games will be tailgating doozies with the four o’clock starts.  It’ll make for a long day for fans, and more so for OP po po.  Anyway, does anyone have any new tailgating games?  What’s this year’s version of Can Jam?

Extensions - I love handing them out.  If I could, I’d extend my own username here at Buffalo Rumblings.  Who is the number one Bill to deserve one this off season? 

Nice to see Chris Brown from the team’s home page note that so far, this has been the highest attended set of OTAs in the Jauron era.  This kind of sort of tells me that the players must really like him, and know they’re playing for his job.

I heard someone mention that it was only 100 days to the opener.  Is that math correct?  I’m too lazy to look at a calendar.  If so, that’s awesome.  The season is so much closer then you think.  100 days is nothing.  My season ticket gang already started talking about what to make for the home opener.

I’ve become a fan of the National Football Post website.  But today, I think I saw the beginning of something I’ve been predicting for a few years now.  Matt Bowen (yup - a former Bill) added a pic of a porn star in his column, kind of  like Easterbrook from TMQ introduces a cheer babe each week.  I’ve been saying for years - someday, someone will run a website with good football stuff, and hardcore porn.  I’m not saying NFP will.  But I am saying I’m sure someone will soon, and chances are they are going to make a boatload of money.  I’m not saying I would do it, or even if I like the idea.  I’m just saying…
One more request, and then I’m done.  Anyone with a different (but good) BBQ idea, please feel free to throw my way.  Always looking for something different. 

Peace guys…

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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