The Last Wave: Potential Training Camp Free Agents

With training camp rapidly approaching I've been thinking about who may join the team as the last wave of free agents during the off-season usually come in as coaches decide during training camp they need major help in certain areas after seeing the team in action. The following are players I think could find their way onto the roster before all is said and done.

1. Levi Jones, LT - The coaches could very well decide during training camp that Langston Walker and Brad Butler simply will not get the job done, or at the very least that they need an insurance policy. Levi Jones is 30 and while he has been a good player when healthy he has had serious leg problems. Currently recovering from leg surgery, Jones is a risk, but he shouldn't be expensive after clearly overestimating his value on the open market. If Jones does get signed and can stay healthy our line could end up Jones LT / Walker RT on the outsides and Wood / Hang / Butler inside sending Levitre to the bench.

2. Matt Jones, WR - This is a talented player who has received minimal interests because of off the field issues. According to the reports I've been seeing in the media, Jones is past his legal problems, is not a risk for suspension and has finally gotten his act together. The guy has spent thousands of dollars to pay for off-season training and is working out like crazy to prove to teams he is ready to go and produce for anyone willing to take a risk on him. In my opinion, he is by far the best free agent receiver left. Despite only starting 10 games last year Jones put up 65- 761- 2. In only 4 starts over the previous 2 seasons he found the end zone 8 times! I know we have a logjam at WR already but I think this move would finally allow the team to go ahead and trade Roscoe Parrish while replacing him with a guy who actually does something when the offense is on the field. It would also leave Josh Reed at risk as Steve Johnson has too much potential to be considered expendable. You may think I'm crazy but this is a last hurrah season for the coaching staff and Matt Jones is 6'6, 218 pounds and is only 26. Forget about Hardy, this guy is ready to play now and he gives us trade bait (Roscoe, Reed, Hardy) while making our red zone off-season down right deadly.

3.  If the coaching staff decides that Keith Ellison is a liability there are three options I think they would consider:

Jamie Winborn - Racked up 99 tackles for the Broncos last year with 11 passes defended, showing off his ability to move and cover. He could fit well in our scheme. The downside is he isn't good enough to definitely win the spot from Ellison. It would be a pretty even camp battle.

Derrick Brooks - We've beaten this horse to death. He knows our scheme better than probably any player alive but hes old and has clearly lost more than one step. On the bright side he would be a leader for a young defense.

Marcus Washington - He's 31 and wants to keep playing but he had a down year last year because of injuries and poor play. However he has been a known sack producer in his career bringing down the quarterback 5 times in 2007 for the Redskins in just 11 starts. He's worth a look at the very least.

I'm not saying this is what I think will happen, these are just guys I like that I think the team has the potential to be interested in. In my estimation, I think we have one last "big" free agent signing left this off-season. Any guys you want to add to the list?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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