Independence Day

Ed. Note, by Brian Galliford: We'll let J2 take center stage today.  He says everything about Independence Day here. End Note

Today is the anniversary of our nation's independence and a proud time to be a US citizen.  This holiday for me represents so many things in my life and all of our lives.

First and foremost I want to extend my extreme gratitude to all of the veterans, current troops and all peace keepers that are trying to keep the world a peaceful place.  We lose too many good men and women in a fight for freedom and human rights.  These are the people that allow us to be Bills fans, have warm loving families, 4-wheelers, gaming systems, homes and everything that we take for granted every day.  Holidays such as these are for all of those that put their lives at risk so we can be safe at home.  I sincerely thank you.

I'm what most would call a emotionally deprived human being - but a few times a year simple things bring a tear to even my eye.  When I'm watching fireworks with my best friends and family while having a few drinks I think about my friends who went to war and fortunately came back.  I think about the families that weren't as fortunate and pray for them.  I think about our ability to go from state to state, town to town, city to city without restraint and without fear.  We can go wherever we want to - do what we want to - all because of this great place we call America.  To say I'm proud to be an American would be an understatement - I feel more fortunate to be an American and thank God every day for the life that has been given to me - to us.

In a weird and funny way I think the Bills are a lot like our Independence.  We have had to fight and claw for everything we've ever had - nothing given to us.  We are always questioned with our decisions but remain resolved and see it through until the end.  While the ultimate goal of a championship is equated to world peace - it is a goal that we both strive for as a country and as a team.  Something I know we all wish for and hope for.  Something we all dream about.  Something that makes us all smile knowing that if it happened - we'd be whole. 

Our country and our team has had many bad times and unfortunate times much like the 4 Super Bowls, music city miracle and 10 years of futility.  However, it is the perserverance of determined individuals that created this great nation that make me believe it can be done for even our Bills - the only true Red White and Blue team in the NFL - and in my opinion - America's team - a blue collar team.

I couldn't think of a single place on planet earth that I would rather call my home than the USA and I couldn't think of a team that I'd rather give all of my energies to than the Bills.  We have the greatest people, the most sincere aspirations and a most promising future. 

On this Independence Day I want all of you, when you're watching fireworks, laughing and playing with your friends and family, eating great food and enjoying your holiday, to remember how fortunate we all are and be thankful for the lives that have been given to us.  Every year I am reminded of how lucky I am and this day is one of those days. 

So Happy Fourth of July everyone - may your holiday be filled with many joys and laughter with your family and friends.  Never forget how hard it was for this nation to become what it has become and be proud to be an American.  I know I am.

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