Who's to blame or isn't it time to hit the panic button yet?

Considering this is still only preseason and according to a lot of the posts and replys that were talked about after the Green Bay game, most fans shouldn't be too concerned because this is only the preseason.

However, considering that this IS preseason and most of the fans optimism for the coming season has already been squashed, is it time to hit the panic button or throw blame around on this team or organization? 

It is tough not to get too worked up as a fan, but when you look around the league and see other teams that are suppose to be good, play good.  And then you see teams that were bad, start playing better and/or make the changes necessary to turn their team around and make them competitive.  Finally, you see the Bills still make the same mistakes and lack any execution or confidence to make plays or make changes that need to be made.  There are few teams is this category (Detroit, St. Louis, Cincy, etc.) and the Bills are there and have been there for quite some time. 


Having patience, waiting for the younger player to mature, hoping the veterans can still make plays, having little or no significant injuries, and possibly a coach that can call the right play at the right time or have a game plan that can help our players succeed is what we are experiencing as fans. 

So should we hit the panic button, have more patience, throw blame around now, stop caring and rooting for the team? 


I think all signs so far this preseason show that it is time to hit the panic button.  Very little if anything is there to be excited about with this team right now.  Who believes the Bills really have a chance to do any better in Foxboro on 9/14, that what they showed in any of the presseason games so far this year?  We are riding our hopes and this offense on TO's Toe right now.  This is a guy who was brought here to be marketing ploy to sell jerseys and tickets and produce some on the field.  If we think that we are going to be a 300 yard passing team and 400 yards of offense with 100 plus rushing yards because he is in the game, we must be kidding ourselves right now. 


Want the Blame game:

Here's my list:

1) Turk Schonert - He is very predictable and out team struggles to put any pressure on defenses.

2) Dick Jauron - Likeable guy by everyone who is not a fan of the Buffalo Bills.  FO, players, league insiders, everyone seems to love the guy, why he can't be a winning coach here is inexcusable. 

3) Trent Edwards - There is no excuse for his poor play.  He needs to put the team and offense on his back and make our offense successful.  The Cleveland game last year messed with his mental psyche and he obviously hasn't recovered in game situations.  Until the guy starts to makes plays we will be calling for another QB.  (Maybe Josh Johnson in TB????)

4) Front Office - They sell tickets but make little money.  They have to do brand the Bills in Toronto now.  Seems like we haven't had anyone passionate about the actual performance on the field or any true football people driving this organization in a long long time (probably since John Butler left). 

5) Ralph Wilson - He's at the top, but hard to put anymore blame on a guy who is 91 and hasn't made very many good decisions for quite sometime.  I think more blame is on the people below him, but all signs eventually point to the top. 


Have more patience:

Yes we are 0-0 in the regular season so should we really be this hard on the players or organization at this time of the year.  Everything would change if this team can some how pull out a victory in New England on week 1.  Until we prove that we can beat them (hasn't happened since 2003), we haven't improved at all. 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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