Rumblings Fantasy Football Begins... Now!

OK, Rumblers.  The massive organizational effort has begun!

70 of you signed up.  We'll see if we can't squeeze all 70 of you in.  Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football will consist of 7 10-team leagues this year; before we get to the leagues, however, PLEASE READ THE BELOW RULES/NOTES.

1. The platform of choice this year is once again FleaFlicker, BUT ONLY the Rumblings Premier League MUST play there.  The RPL teams, aside from myself and the three league champions from last year, were drawn at random.  If you are hell-bent against using anything but Yahoo/ESPN for Fantasy and you're in the RPL, please handle swapping out of the league in the comments section.

2. We'd like as many leagues as possible to use the FleaFlicker platform.  Please keep that in mind.  Those who mentioned their preference for Yahoo - I tried as best as I could to group you into one league.

3. Entry into any of these leagues is completely FREE.

4. I imagine there will be a lot of people trying to swap leagues.  My plea to you: please figure it out amongst yourselves.  :)

5. As of right now, there are no plans for prizes.  Those can certainly be arranged, however; right now, I'm focused on getting seven freaking fantasy leagues up and running.  We'll worry about the cool stuff later.

Below is the league breakdown.  I will be commissioner in the RPL; please select/nominate/forcefully take commissioner roles in your respective leagues as well.  Apologies to all of the folks who might have wanted to play and missed out - we're capping this effort off at 70, as we're not even sure we'll be able to figure out 7 leagues.  My head was spinning just making the lists below.

Rumblings Premier League: Brian Galliford, Kurupt, WABillsfan, Scotty P, norcaliangelsfan, TheAfghanTwilight, pasaluki, The Irishman, Jason from OH-IO, thurman

League 2: sireric, krytime, Mark Parisi, chaucer, untouchaBILL, Circle the Wagons88, BuffaloBrewed, hightower_mc, tm, NittanyKenny

League 3: MattRichWarren, killascript, gatornation, keysh67, buffaloboy90, MichiganBillsFan84, John H IL, billsfly48, Cutter3636, StroudFanClub

League 4: kaisertown, thatguy34, gregeng, SamUK, Teaters33, TEMSON, PerryTuttle22, Billsfanstuckinthesouth, RICHNESSS, tomsbills

League 5: poz, J2, VanScottM, carlvanetten, Tofireman, Honestabe85, NJBillsfan, ForeignArrow, kgun, JP74

League 6: jri111, Blitz, DCRumbler, Buffalo Mo, shouldbeworking, OnPointNow, thejimbo, kilowatt44, ballinbills1315, Ekali81

League 7: Krenn, syrbillsfan, NCbillsfan12, dukedoc76, csc06258, dabillsr1, akm, Chriz, Manitoba BillsFan, gdiggidy13


Folks in the RPL - I'll be e-mailing you invites in short order.  You're going down.

Folks in the rest of the leagues: Please figure out who will be your league commissioner.  That commissioner should then email me so that I can provide him with email addresses for the folks in the league, so as to keep that information out of the comments section here, and therefore out of the public eye.  From there, commissioners may set up their leagues and draft dates.

Have at it in the comments section, folks.  This ought to be nucking futs. :)

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