I have never seen a larger over reaction to a pre season in my life

Some of you may have noticed I haven't posted here in a while. Truth be told, the Philly fan like attitude of a majority of the posters around here sort of turned me away for a bit. It has really gotten out of control. The worst of it has to be in regards to Trent Edwards from people rehashing JP Losman arguments, to calls for starting Fitzpatrick (did you watch a Bengals game last year?), raising questions for AJ Feeley (they were so confident in him they got Mike Vick), to talk of garbage QBs Tyler Thigpen and Tarvaris Jackson who between the two of them saw their teams upgrade from them three different times. Whatever happened to the reasonable and rationale commentary I've come to expect from everyone on this blog? It is the pre-season, which no matter how much you want to get excited about it because you can't wait for football still means absolutely nothing at the end of the day - if it did the league wouldn't be seriously looking into cutting it down to two games. The way some of you have been behaving has led me to gather that you've never actually followed the preseason until this year, if you have- you should know better. A few things to keep in mind before you go throwing this whole season in the garbage:

1.) In last season's preseason we saw records of:

New England 0-4 preseason
Baltimore Ravens 1-3 preseason
Indy Colts 1-4 preseason
Giants and Eagles 2-2 preseason
Seahawks 3-1preseason

2.) Last year Detroit was undefeated in the pre-season.

3.) I know Ron from NM does a great o-line study (and I really appreciate it Ron, its great stuff) but you can't let individual lineman performances cloud your judgement on the fact that as a unit they are all still rookies or at a new position. The fact that Marshawn, Freddie, and Rhodes can't run and Edwards can't pass does not mean that they are JP Losman or that we should go sign TJ Duckett and AJ Feeley. Again, its the pre-season, the o-line is supposed to learn and try things out.

4.) Terrell Owens played in one drive and we looked pretty darn good moving the ball.

5.) We are employing a new system with a coordinator looking to improve his unpredictability. Do you want to bet the offense is using these meaningless games to try out plays and calls that aren't what you'll see on game day? You are not seeing our product on the field. Thats reserved for practice.

6.) The starters aren't even going full strength nor should they as Mario Williams showed last night by pulling up on Favre when he could have ended his career in his own end zone. I play better at sports when I try 100% then I do playing 85%, MUCH better. On meaningful Sundays with TO on the field you can bet the playbook will be different and the effort will be greater.

6.) Stick to watching backups and analyzing position and roster battles, the starters aren't going to tell you a thing about how they will perform in season, every year its the same story. Some fan base gets all worked up about nothing and then when their team starts off pretty good they all pat themselves on the back and cheer for a guy they were ripping apart a few weeks earlier and vica versa in the case of teams like the Lions and Bengals - preseason darlings.

Relax and stop calling for Trent to be replaced. You just might get your wish and find AJ Feeley throwing 4 picks a game in week 6. For now, while all you jump off the bandwagon, I'll still be sitting there with my giant tub of popcorn ready for Monday Night Football.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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