Trent, the O-line and most importantly the D!!

All right this post will probably seem like it's all over the place just bare with me....

If Trent stays upright and healthy this offense will score enough points to win games.  To spite what some people might think, IMO Trent is a starting QB in the NFL and will be successful as a starter, one day, somewhere(hopefully Buffalo). My biggest concern with Trent is durability... I'm not worried about his decision making, his velocity or his ability to make all of the throws that he needs too. It's sickly... can he remain healthy.  I don't trust Ryan with the keys to the offense just yet so if Trent's durability doesn't continue to be an issue this season will be successful dependent on two things:

#1 the young offensive line:

As Brian mentioned in an earlier post, who says that this young offensive line can not be successful. The 5 as a starting unit are all intelligent, powerful, nasty and athletic athletes. If this unit can gel together real fast, all of these questions about the young offensive line will quickly disappear.

#2 The defense:

From most of the most that I have read on the Rumblings site everyone is talking about how if this season is a failure that Jauron, the coaching staff and perticularily Edwards should be shown the door. My opinion is that this offense is finally going in the right direction. They have a unproven yet talented O line, 2 great backs that compliment each other very well, 2 #1 receivers and a tight end that can strentch the field. IMO the offense was in a rebuilding phase and again is going in the right direction. Even if this season ends up not going welll, I think we should stick with what we have in place.


IMO if this season is failure it's on the defense.... Correct me if I'm wrong but all 11 starters are returning from last season(Mckelvin midway through... I didn't forget about Greer). The additions of Stroud and Mitchell last season was supposed to drastically improve our D.

I think that the success of this season depends greatly on the defenses ability to play to it's potential... If this season ends up being bad I would rather see the Bills rebuild the defense as opposed to tinker too much with the offense and throw out our current starting QB.... I will point out that if the defense ends up being the issue, Jauran(a defensive coach) will be replaced, and a new philosophy/personel will be put in place.


I really do believe that the Bills will be successful this season, I truly believe that all of the pressure should be on the defense, they are the more polished, experienced group that have played in this scheme for 2 seasons and will need to take responsibility if they can't keep their young offense in games.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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