Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 9/16

Scott Pitoniak's blog
"But Bills fans should remember what their mind-set was a few minutes before kickoff last night. Admit it, you weren’t merely thinking rout, you were thinking a lost season. You had written off 2009 and were looking ahead to the possibility of drafting Colt McKoy or Tim Tebow as your next quarterback-of-the-future candidate. Monday’s loss was indeed gut-wrenching, but it also provided hope that this season might turn out a lot better than most of us thought. "

Don't Blame Jauron for This One - Chuck Wade - 13WHAM
"The fact of the matter is that Dick Jauron does not execute the plays. His job as the head coach of this team is to have his team in a position to win the game. He did. And for 58 minutes his players executed. But they play 60. Don’t put this one on Jauron."

Buffalo Bills played great in NFL Week 1; Peter King mailbag - Peter King -
- The Bills should be thrilled today, not morose.
- Alex Van Pelt did the best job of any coordinator last week.

Brown’s Best Week 1 – Inside The Bills
The best stuff Chris Brown saw during the Monday Night game.


Bills "fan" vandalizes McKelvin's lawn |
There's no denying that the Buffalo Bills have one of the most loyal and knowledgeable NFL fanbases in the country. But even the best group of supporters has a few lunatics that make sports fans as a whole look bad.

Isolated stupidity shouldn't paint all Bills fans - AFC East - ESPN
"As someone who has covered sports in Buffalo for almost a decade and is moving back to the area because of the people, I can state that Bills fans are some of the most respectful and passionate supporters I've ever encountered."

McKelvin’s short memory a plus – Inside The Bills
Playing a position like cornerback you have to have a short memory otherwise your confidence is going to be shaken playing in the NFL. That’s not a problem for McKelvin who applies that short memory approach to his kick returning as well.

T.O. muted on, off field - AFC East - ESPN
"Bills quarterback Trent Edwards threw to Owens only three times. Owens caught two balls for 46 yards. ESPN Stats & Information dug around and discovered Monday night was only the third game since 2000 that Owens was targeted so infrequently."

Week one thoughts - Don Banks -
It's beyond belief that Leodis McKelvin can actually defend his decision to bring that game-changing kickoff out of the Buffalo end zone at New England, claiming he didn't know exactly where he was in relation to the goal line. With the game on the line, it's his job to know. It's also inexcusable that having not taken a knee in the end zone, he kept fighting for a meaningless extra yard once he had been wrapped up by Patriots defenders who had but one goal in mind: To stand him up and strip him of the ball.

Don’t blame McKelvin, credit Brady | National Football Post
McKelvin didn’t lose this game for the Bills. Instead, Tom Brady won it for the Patriots.

Diner morning news: Monday night madness | National Football Post
They made the Patriots throw the ball in front of them all night, and I thought the Bills had one of the best tackling games on defense I’ve seen in some time.

Drayton Florence finds a tweeting loophole |
Because he as not in the stadium, it was legal according to the NFL.

How I See It: AFC East Stock Watch - AFC East - ESPN
Leodis McKelvin makes Tim Graham's "Falling" list for his late fumble.

Tuesday Morning Quarterback, the Throwback Edition - ESPN
"The killer mistake didn't come when Leodis McKelvin ran a kickoff out of the end zone with the Bills ahead by five at the two-minute warning. Sure, the Buffalo "hands""team was in, so McKelvin had no wedge, but he's a good return man. The killer mistake was when McKelvin struggled to try to gain an extra yard after he was under tackle by two Patriots. Get on the ground!"

Ratings and Rankings
NFL Coach Ratings - ESPN

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Dick Jauron is doing? Vote at ESPN.

Power Rankings - Newsday
21. Bills (20): Can’t imagine a tougher way to lose a game than allowing 2 late TDs to the Patriots … in the opener … on the road … on Monday night. Ouch.

Week 2 power rankings: AFC East - AFC East - ESPN
Buffalo would have soared into the top half of the chart. New England might've tumbled into the double-digits.

The NFP Power Rankings | National Football Post
27. (27 last week) Buffalo Bills (0-1) Dick Jauron’s seat just got a little hotter with another fourth quarter collapse on a national stage.

Bills Tweets
Twitter / Shawn Nelson

it was good, but a win would have been better!

Twitter / Aaron Maybin
Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat. But if you can accept losing, you can't win.

Twitter / Buffalo Bills
Eight Bills players made their NFL debuts last night. Three other players made their Bills debuts.

Twitter / DonteWhitner
My body is sooooo sore! Not getting out the bed today. Aaron Maybin agreed. @DonteWhitner lol, my thoughts exactly

Twitter / Kawika Mitchell
Bout to go n and get a solid wrkout. Great for cleanin and healin the body. Then watch film and get better. I kno I can do more and I will

Twitter / ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss
Pats-Bills earned a 10.3 rating, representing an average of 10,224,000 households. Largest audience for cable television program in 2009.

Twitter / Adam Schefter
Got lotso tweets inquiring about my condition from those who saw Sportscenter this am. I'm no different than Bills and Raiders. I choked. [Ed. note: we're a punchline....]

Twitter / The AP's John Wawrow
#bills can also report Kelsay's knee is bruised. Out for at least a week.

Twitter / Kawika Mitchell
A teammate of ours had his house vandalized last nite or this morn. Its def not a game to b playin. W/ all the safety issues n the NFL its not funny at all. We have Fam at our homes to protect. If u show ur face on my prop Ill make sure I do everythin to keep my Fam safe. So dont come around thinkin, oh we'll just leave a message on his lawn or wall, b/c Im goin to take it as a threat. Its my job to protect my home as it is the job of all home owners. Dont push the limit.

Twitter / thurman thomas
ya know I love whoever did that to leodis's lawn doesn't belong in this town...get out! get out now!

I can't say this too many times, folks.  If you know anything about what happened at Leo's house let the police know.  They represent all Bills fans.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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