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Here’s some questions/comments I have.  As always, if I broach upon a topic that one of you have already have, then I apologize for not giving you props for it….


This past weekend, I went two and one in fantasy football (the loss a butt whooping in my Rumblings league), four and two for plus seventy five in a fake betting league, one and oh in a suicide league, and rank fourth out of nine in a confidence pool.  Oh, plus I’m atop the leader board in the Rumblings Pick ‘em.  Nevertheless, I’d have traded all of that "success" for one particular CB to just...fall...down.

Special Teams had a bad week if you ask me.  Bobby April is an angry man I’m betting.

T.O. and Evans need to play better.  That’s a lot of money spent for five receptions and less than 75 yards.  AVP did a nice job with the overall game plan, but going forward he must figure out a way to get those two involved more.

I thought the officials made some terrible calls, but they were fair about it, so I won’t complain much here.

Please tell me John McCargo is not going to end up on a milk carton again.

Poz’s injury has him listed as being out indefinitely.  They say it’s not as bad as last time, but what does that mean - that he’ll be out for only ten weeks instead of the whole season?  When is he supposed to have surgery on it?  I’ll admit, I don’t have good feelings about this.  Every time I refresh the Rumblings page, I’m afraid I’ll see a new headline, something to the affect "Poz done for season".

[Self editing note - I just heard that Poz had the surgery, and will be out six weeks]

Speaking of Poz, I thought they should inquire about extending his contract.  He’s got the rest of this year and next.  I’m taking that thought back.  He's got to stay healthy to get a new contract in my opinion.  By the time his third season will be over, he may have only played in about half of his team's games.  That's not good enough bang for the buck...

Did Youboty play at all? Why did I not see him? Is that how Byrd saw so much time?

Am I the only one who thinks Buffalo -5 this week is one of the safest picks on board?  I don’t think much of Tampa Bay at all…

How many plays did Nelson get?  Not enough in my opinion.  I want to see more of him this week against the Bucs, even if Fine is supposed to be ready.

I got my season tickets in hand the other day.  Nice design I guess.  The first thing that struck me is why is the opener ticket is double the size of the rest?  I don’t know why, but I don’t like it.  The second thing I noticed is that each ticket after the home opener featured one of the "Memorable Moments" in team history.  I started reading off the "moments"…Comeback Game, 2nd AFL title, 90 AFC Championship Game, Snapping the losing streak against the Fins, Four Consecutive AFC Championships, and then…"Lights Out?"  They featured the SD game from last year?  I don’t get it.  Who fell asleep on that one?  You’re gonna tell me that in fifty years of pro football, that was a top six "Memorable Moment?"  I don’t think so…not at all.

Does anyone else agree that what’s going on in SF with Crabtree kinda/sorta hurts Eugene Parker’s reputation?  I hope it does.  I hate that guy.  The worst part is that if I ever needed an agent for anything, I’d strongly consider him.

Hey - didn’t you used to be Josh Reed?  What happened to him Monday?  If NE was going to take out Evans and T.O., then I thought for sure Reed would have had a stat line along the lines of six or seven for fifty some yards.  Nada, zip, zilch.  Was he even thrown to?

Would it hurt at all to huddle up every once in awhile?  I thought Trent ran it fairly well; I just think it wouldn’t hurt to huddle every now and then.

By the way…would anyone of us ever have guessed that Trent would be about the sixth best fantasy QB this week?  I’m sure some would‘ve, based only on the contention that he’d be playing from behind for fifty minutes plus.  Other than that, I doubt anyone would’ve picked that to happen.

Sireric and I seemed to have a rough go of it in the Rumblings 2 league.  As I mentioned above, I got whooped (my bench scored more than my starting team), but not as bad as he did (190-99).  Here’s our rosters - please feel free to throw out a trade I can offer him….

McNabb                        Schaub

Garrard                         Delhomme


Turner                           Gore

LT                                   Lewis

Julius Jones                R. Williams

C. Taylor                       Slaton

J. Morwood                   Wells

Housh                           Wayne

Ocho                              Owens

Marshall                        Driver

Walter                            Coles

Moore                            Jenkins



Daniels                         Gonzalez


Titans                            Jets



Kaeding                        Akers

I heard of a fantasy league where if you lose, the winner gets to take any one player off of your roster in exchange for one of his.  I love that idea, and wonder if it’s not too late to implement it in our league. Hint, hint Mr. Commissioner…

Madden 10 for the Wii is garbage.  I want my $8.95 rental back, and the four hours of my life that I spent on that piece of poop.

Who gets more time next week - Ellis or Maybin?

And then, Harris or Palmer?

How did Buggs play a half of football at MLB and not get on the stat sheet?  You can just fall down on a pile sometimes and get a tackle.

Is it too early to start talking about a Bell extension?  Nothing big mind you.  Maybe just a year or two…

To the person(s) who did what they did to Leo’s house - they will find you.  If you were stupid enough to do that, you were probably stupid enough to tell people you did it…and I bet those people talk.  And once they do, your penance will probably be a lot harsher than what it would be if you just fessed up.  Not to mention, do you really want 53 overly large and athletic men angry at you?  To tell the truth, I hope you don’t fess up, and your name eventually leaks out, and that frontier justice takes place…

Tailgating starts in four days!  Woo-hoo!!!  Weather channel says it’ll be a good day.  In my tailgate, we usually go simple for the first game - dogs, burgers, sausage, etc.  Someone will make a dip of some kind; maybe two.  But all in all, we keep it simple for the opener.

Go Bills…

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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