Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 9/17

Owens urges Edwards to 'take some shots' - AFC East - ESPN
"With two days to think about how the game could have gone differently, he acknowledged the Patriots did a good job of eliminating him and Lee Evans from the game, but also urged Bills quarterback Trent Edwards to take more chances." With Video.

The Buffalo Bills' implosion Monday night shows they didn't think they had the ability to beat the New England Patriots - ESPN
"Writhing in Monday night's shadow is Brady's vanquished foe, the Buffalo Bills. If Brady and the Patriots have crafted for themselves an aura of confidence, transforming gnawing, admirable persistence into a culture, the Bills have managed something quite the opposite: a suffocating pathology from an organization-wide dynamic of playing losing football by making losing decisions."

Buggs at MLB is first option, but others exist – Inside The Bills
"Bills defensive coordinator Perry Fewell confirmed that Marcus Buggs will be their guy at MLB Sunday when the Bills host the Bucs. Plan ‘B’ is OLB Keith Ellison, who is responsible for knowing the MLB position as well."

Patriots Loss
Worst 5 Losses in Bills History - - Mike Catalana
3. Foxboro Fumble (Patriots). I apologize if this is too high because it just happened. But it is hard not to overstate how much the Bills franchise needed this win. 11 straight losses to the hated Patriots, and they start the season as monumental underdogs in Foxboro. Not only do the Bills prove they can play with the Pats, they outplay them. Up 11 after just shoving the ball down the Patriots throat for a 4th quarter touchdown, it all fell apart. This could have been a franchise altering win. When there are tears in the locker room, you know it was a tough one to take. Leodis, my man, what were you thinking?

Buffalo Bills QB Edwards takes loss hard | | Democrat and Chronicle
[After the game, Trent Edwards] sat there on the stool in front of his stall, still fully padded sans his helmet, and just stared blankly at nothing, as if he was trying to conjure up a scenario in his mind that would alter the result of Buffalo's 25-24 defeat at Gillette Stadium.

Bills Replay: Van Pelt surprised Patriots : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
A big key for any play-caller is being able to stay one step ahead of the opponent. Van Pelt dialed up several plays on the Bills' three scoring drives that caught the Patriots off guard and had them on their heels.

T.O.'s Press Conference
What he told the media today about the Pats game.

Fred Jackson - The FAN 590 Toronto
Hear Action Jackson's interview from yesterday morning.

Video: AFC East Blogger Blitz - AFC East - ESPN
Graham says many fans would have been satisfied by a close loss but now aren't and talks T.O.

Buffalo Bills replay: Iffy teams often find way to lose | Democrat and Chronicle
Should we be encouraged by the narrow Bills defeat? The guys from the D&C Bills desk take your questions...

T.O. explains Monday night absence - David Amber - ESPN
When he was asked why he didn’t stick around to field questions following the heartbreaking loss to the Patriots, T.O. was to the point. "I’m a very competitive guy," he said, "and I felt like I wasn’t in the frame of mind to really speak to the media at that time. And that’s at my discretion."

Niagara Gazette - TIM'S TAKES: Kickoffs did Bills in all night
Tim Schmitt gives his thoughts from the MNF game.

Bonehead of the Week: Week 2 - Cat Scratch Reader
Leodis McKelvin was selected as this week's bonehead of the week by the Panthers blog, Cat Scratch Reader.

McKelvin Incident
McKelvin getting overwhelming support from real Bills fans – Inside The Bills
Two letters from fans are highlighted by Inside the Bills.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - On McKelvin, vandalism and thuggery
Nick Mendola discusses the psychology of the thug mentality and challenges fans to not be thugs.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Two Teenage Suspects Confess To McKelvin Vandlism
"I was told to take it out and I just have to hold on to the ball. "

 CBSSports Rapid Reports:
- Bills WR Terrell Owens on CB Leodis McKelvin's lawn being vandalized: "You just (attribute) that to ignorance, and once we make it to the playoffs tell them to do his lawn again."

Buccaneers Game
Bills Injury Report 9/16

Kelsay's knee expected to sideline him for a week | National Football Post
A person familiar with the injury told The Associated Press on Tuesday that tests revealed Kelsay sustained only a deep bruise and no ligament damage.

 CBSSports Rapid Reports:
- "This is what I've been working for all my life," Marcus Buggs said. "My time has come and it's best that I take the opportunity and make the best of it."

General Links blog " NFL Free Agency
Buffalo among best at keeping free agents. On average 86% of the team stays. The best player lost in the free agency era was via trade when Peerless Price went to the Falcons.

AFC East accumulating sidelinebackers - AFC East - ESPN
"[Losing Posluszny is] a potentially season-changing blow to the lineup. "

Poz surgery successful; Kelsay day-to-day | Official Team Site
"Paul is through surgery and it went well," said Jauron.

Marcus Stroud Mailbag
The defensive tackle takes your questions. He thinks we would be a bad NT in a 3-4 and more...

History Story " Weekly Top 20 - Through Week 1
With his first catch of the night, T.O. passed former Bills wideout Andre Reed on the all-time career leaders list for pass receptions moving him into 14th place.

DiCesare: Bills wrote off this season - take it to the bank : Sports Columns : The Buffalo News
I missed this article earlier saying how the Bills were throwing in the towel before the Monday Night game. They didn't play like it...

No-huddle offense appears to be making a comeback
Pat Kirwan of looks at the resurgence of the offense and the Bills, old and new, are front and center.

Bills Video Blog - Week 2 - 13 WHAM
Mike and Chuck discuss the Bills chances against Tampa Bay, and why the Bills just can't seem to figure out the Patriots.

Week One power rankings |
16. Buffalo Bills (21 last week)

Buffalo Bills Tweets
Twitter / Lydell Sargeant
Up and Ready... Nothing like waking up early and getting things done... Have a good day tweeples

Twitter / thurman thomas
what a beautiful day to hunt down some fool holdin an empty can of white spray paint

Twitter / Writer Sigmund Bloom
Marshawn Lynch could be very potent upon his return - Evans/Owens gives a lot of room for RB receptions in the flat, and Edwards is conserv.

Twitter / Rochester D&C Writer Sal Maiorana
Bills are thin at LB to begin with, and Dick Jauron said right now plan isn't to go out and find someone. Marcus Buggs is going to start

Twitter / writer Sigmund Bloom
If Trent Edwards doesn't test TBs poor safety coverage combo deep w/ Evans/Owens, then defenses really can stop defending the deep third.

Twitter / Terrell Owens
Practice ws good! Lookin 4wd 2 this wkend! Cn't worry about yesterday or day b4, tht's old news!! It's goin down @ the Ralph!

Twitter / James Hardy
@terrellowens big homie Ima come thru to soak up more game from you mane and hop in that chamber of yours..I may get 1 so get back with me

Twitter / Terrell Owens
Just ate, did sum abs, now n my rm watchin a movie(Eagle eye) while thinkin about upcoming game! My ralph stadium debut!!

Final Thought: Trent Edwards was the seventh-highest scoring QB on Fleaflicker's fantasy football in week 1 and fifteenth overall.  I had him benched for Aaron Rodgers who was a few points behind our starter...

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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