50th Season

I’m pretty much shocked to realize that this is my 50th season as a Bills’ fan.  Going into the season opener with all the turmoil at OBD, I was totally prepared to be blown out by the Pats on the road.  Instead, I was peaking on an emotional high only to be devastated by an extraordinarily painful loss of a game we should have won.  Good teams win in those circumstances; poor teams will find the way to lose (my 400th loss as a Bills’ fan.)   The Dick Jauron coached Bills’ teams, with the exception of the first quarter of last year, have found the way to lose.  When I watched the Pats game a second time I was struck by how mediocre a team they were and less impressed by the Bills’ performance.  The loss of Poz was a blow, not because I think he is good (I don’t) but because his back up (Marcus Buggs) arguably must be worse.

Looking forward to the game against the Bucs, I read all the posts from our noble and talented leader on the blog as well as all the fan posts.  I was particularly interested in the comments from the Bucs’ bloggers who basically said the Bucs had to win this game because they couldn’t win their next several games. 

As a long time Bills’ fan, it is hard to ever be optimistic, but I felt decent going into the game.   Great start as we all know but two plays were devastating: T.O.’s drop and Jackson’s fumble (nice block Roscoe.)   They accounted for a 17 to 21 point swing.  Felt like we took more risks on offensive in the first half than any Jauron Bills’ team:  4th and 1 around our own 38 (made it plus 15 for facemask); going for the bomb on the Bucs’ 30 on 3rd and 1 (TD Evans.)  When I watched the first half for a second time, I thought the O line did a good job (1 holding on Bell), especially the two rookie guards and the center.

The 3rd quarter was just awful.  The ineptitude of the Bucs was greatly appreciated.  Putting up the first 3 points of the half in the 4th was big and the bomb to Owens was huge and, hopefully, an investment in his fragile psychological future.  The defense, particularly late in the game, was good.  I really liked the aggressive blitzing late in the game.  Like all fans, I hate “prevent” defense. 

Overall, a win is a win.  The Bucs are at the bottom in the NFL and if you can’t beat them at home you are really bad. 

I went back and watched the Jets and Pats and it confirmed to me that the Pats are not on their game yet.  It is not even close to the team that went 16 and 0.  The Pats loss to the Jets diminished the Bills’ performance in week 1.

The season ending injury to Butler and the injuries to Schouman, McKelvin and Nelson really hurt.  If some GM is willing to trade an OT for Roscoe, please call but I doubt it.  If Maybin thinks he can continuously rush straight up field and ever get to the QB he is sadly mistaken.   He did the OT a favor by taking himself out of the play almost every time he was in there.  Other random observations include Lindell kicking it into the end zone 3 times; Roscoe failing to catch a punt resulting in the Bills’ starting on the 6 and an excellent first half from Kyle Williams.

The Saints look to be a totally different story.  Tremendous offensive and a questionable defense but we can’t win a shoot out.  I’m praying for rain and 30 mph winds.

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