My own Krytime style (brain) dump

I have a few things I feel I need to get off my chest / point out. Here they are:


1) I hate that Schouman and Butler are gone for the season already, but I also really like the two new additions the Bills have made to their roster. I think that Freeman and Meredith are solid athletes that could help down the road. I would temper that however by reminding everyone that these guys were drafted but later dumped for a reason. The Bears play a very similar style defense as the Bills and just lost Brian Urlacher for the season but still didn't bring Freeman back. I feel like I should be excited about getting these guys but I also think that there are good reasons that they were available and we should all keep that in mind.

2) Joe P. already picked up on this but I think I will take this opportunity to push my man Bear Pascoe some more.  Sign him to the practice squad ASAP OBD.

3) I am pretty scared about the Jets. I know that some of you are still skeptical, and that is fine, but I have watched both of their games in their entirety and that defense is scary.  They don't even have Calvin Pace back from suspension yet. They use exotic blitzes and can get to the QB in a hurry. They play with an intensity that I'm not sure the Bills can match. I may be wrong, but I see them winning this division.

4) I can't wait to see Marshawn come back. He has to be watching Freddy play and be saying to himself: "Boy I need to get my self together, they might just be fine without me." He needs to come out with serious intensity and keep himself on the straight and narrow.

5) Anybody else hate those ads on the front page that expand when the mouse moves over them? Very annoying IMHO.

6) Can we break the streak of messing with Bills players homes after or during the game this week please? No vandalism, no robberies, maybe we can just go and leave thank you cards on all of their doorsteps.

7) I think the Patriots are in decline. A team can only lose so much talent without suffering. It's not just players. Yes Bruschi, Seymour, Harrison, and Vrabel were all leaders on the field but losing FO guys like Dimitrov and Pioli has to take a serious toll. Add in the losses of Mangini and McDaniel, whatever you think of them as coaches they were still good coordinators. Belichick replaced from within just like he did when Weiss and Crennel left. The well has to run a little dry after a while and going outside the organization seems like it should be done at some point. Yes they have a ton of draft picks and are run well, but lets be honest rookies can't replace veteran leadership.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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