Just a bad taste in my mouth after that game....

Might be all the chili I ate...

This one felt so much like all the other losses we've had during the Jauron reign of terror.  A game where the offense was a mess, no offensive TD's, tons of mistakes and just total out of sync football.  Why does this happen so much with the Bills? WHY!!!!?!?!?!?

I very, very, very rarely do not watch every single play of the game, but after the 4th and 23 incompletion, I just had to turn the channel for my sanity...I was frustrated as can be, and just had to chuckle when the Red Zone channel showed the Pierre Thomas TD.  Of course that was going to happen.  I turned back to our game to see if we might actually find a way to score an offensive TD, and I make it back in time to see us punting with 90 seconds to go.  I mean, are you kidding me Jauron?  Yes, I know the game is pretty much over, but for crying out loud, go down fighting man.  He packed it in as he always does in those situations.  It's just disgusting to me.


The OL was quite bad today.  Penalties are absolutely killing this team, and you just can't beat good teams with so many of these mistakes.  Besides the penalties, the interior got pushed around more today than they did the first two games combined, and the edge rushers were able to get after Edwards early and often.  This was the OL that we were hoping we <em>wouldn't </em>see this year....Guess a horrible performance had to come sometime.  It better be all uphill from here.  Those tackles are going to get Trent killed this season.  Scott just isn't good.  Bell needs more time, but seems to be improving.  He's still one of the weaker LT's in the AFC at this point.

What was up with those awful snaps Hang?  I've never seen anything like that out of an NFL center.  He disrupted the timing of a few plays because Trent had to reach down or scoop up the snap.  These types of mistakes, that don't show up in the box score, are just as critical as all the penalties we had. 

I'm beginning to really despise Roscoe Parrish.  His main skill and only really redeeming quality is in the punt return game.  That fumble was killer today.  You just can't be careless with the ball like that.  I know he wants to make a big play so badly, but he can't make such a bad play as a result.  I hate having him return kicks too.  He's not big enough or quick enough on his cuts to have more than mild success there.  I have a feeling we aren't going to be seeing too much of McKelvin returning kicks anymore.  Not with a bad wheel.  When he plays again, I really can't see the staff exposing him to a potential re-injuring of his leg....

This offense has to get TO and Evans the ball, no matter how it's done.  Both of them are visibly frustrated, and rightfully so.  AVP and Edwards needs to find ways to get them more touches, even if it's reverses, bubble screens, slants, whatever.  Not only will it help open up the rest of the offense, but it'll keep those guys fully engaged in the game.  TO needs that more than Evans, but you can tell both of them aren't happy out there. Evans isn't a happy man:

"We had plenty of opportunities to get the ball to us," Evans said. "We just didn't get it done. I feel like we had some opportunities and we just didn't take advantage of them."

You don't see Lee Evans talk like that too often. There's really no reason these guys should be continuously quiet on the field.  Other teams don't seem to have any problems finding their top WR's, despite double or over-the-top coverage.  Why is it always so difficult for this team?  It has to be on the QB, right?

Good to see Josh Reed showing why he's out there.  Nice game for him, as usual.  I do wish they would have given Johnson some reps out there though.  There's still too much Roscoe on offense.

That was a solid performance by our Defense.  Great job by the pass defense after showing little resistance on the first drive.  The pass rush was quite solid throughout the day.  But that run D was just poor all day.  When you're allowing Reggie f'in Bush to rush for 5 ypc, you are having issues.  Pierre Thomas really took advantage of this unit in the 2nd half, but it wasn't just the late TD's that were problematic here.

Chris Kelsay is playing quite well this year!  Props to him.  I hope he keeps proving me wrong, although it's hard to say anyone was wrong in criticizing his play prior to this season.  Keep it up feller.


Finally, I'm not one of those people who finds a silver lining in a loss like this.  I don't really give a crap that we only gave up 27 points to the high-powered Saints, or 17 for the first 50 minutes, etc.  It wasn't enough and it isn't exactly something this team should be hanging their hats on.  I can't help but laugh when the head coach discusses injuries as part of the reason for poor play and basically says they were happy to keep the game close for a while.  Ahhh well.

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