My take on the week that was

There are a ton of story lines for the Bills from the last few days. I will probably forget a few but here it goes anyway:


Turk gets the axe

I put this first because I think it is easily the most surprising thing that has happened in the last 72 hours if you are a Bill fan. Obviously a lot has been said about this and the reactions have varied from, "Great Move", to "Glad he is gone but why wait till now?" I don't think there were to many fans that were sorry to see him go, at least not that I read. I won't dwell on this long but I have to mention one thing. I think that the one thing that not to many people have mentioned about this, (except I think Geronimo) is how does New England game plan for our offense? Pretty much all video tape they have on us, both legally and illegally gotten, are now pretty much useless. There is no way that they can have any clue what to expect on September 14th.

 Ko Simpson Traded

This may end up being a conditional pick, and if Ko doesn't meet the playing time or performance conditions set by the deal, the Bills may end up with nothing. That said, even getting a chance to possibly get a 6th or 7th round pick for a guy who was by no means a lock to make the roster was a good move. After his rookie year Ko was a very promising player, but I think the ankle injury he suffered his second year really set him back and he hasn't been the same since. I think kudos have to go to the front office for this deal.


Rhodes cut

I don't think that to many people saw this one coming. I know a few of you say you posted a comment saying that you did so I won't say that nobody did. This I think was the most surprising cut of all given Marshawn's pending suspension. I guess Fred Jackson and Xavier Omon aren't as injured as we thought. My guess is still that the Bills will look long and hard at the waiver wire and see if anybody there strikes their fancy. I think Rhodes was cut because of his lack-luster performance, coupled with some poor pass blocking and a few fumbles and it all equals a cut. I think the fact that he was cut in and of itself wasn't as shocking as who is left on the roster.


Bills trim roster to 53

 The man crush most around here had on Johnathan Stupar officially took a hit. I still don't get why some got that annoyed by his being cut. Schouman and Nelson were obviously not going anywhere and while Fine has been hurt some this preseason, I think the fact that when he was drafted last year and the coaches said that they thought he was the best all around TE prospect in the draft spoke volumes of how they felt about him. When healthy last year his blocking was exceptional and he showed good hands. Stupar mean while piled up good numbers but mainly against other teams 3rd teamers. It's not like we just cut Tony Gonzalez so we could keep Tim Euhus.

 The other shocker from cut down day is the release of Kirk Chambers. Chambers ability to play both Tackle and Guard led many to believe that he had an inside track, but the emergence of both Demetrius Bell and Johnathan Scott made Chambers an unneeded commodity. The big concern is inside depth. Seth McKinney is obviously the first line of defense, but if more then one starter goes down, they may have to move Brad Butler back inside to cover for an injury, that is if they can't sign someone else in the mean time.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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