No More Reactionary B Schott Band Wagon!!

I was compelled to write this fanpost because of the sudden and reactionary pro-Brian Schottenheimer movement as our next head coach among our fan base. This movement was sprung based on one performance against the Cincinnati Bengals that was entirely inflated by the poor play of the Bengals own offense. 

First things first. Can we stop saying what a great game B-Schott called in the wildcard? In the first quarter and a half the Jets offense was shut down, completely. Eventually they were able to wear down the Bengals D and put up points. How did this happen? From moment one, Carson Palmer let his teammates down by throwing horrible passes. His first seven throws were all high and over his receivers heads. He played off all game and was inaccurate from whistle to whistle. There were poor drops, fumbles and injuries for the Bengals entire receiving corp and the best aerial weapon they had was completely shut down by Darelle Revis - a member of the Jets DEFENSE. The Bengals offense gave the terrific early play of their defense no respite and eventually they broke. On the defensive side Jonathan Joseph was a horrific tackler and misplayed nearly every snap. But I digress..

Back to the Jets offense and B-Schott. Before everyone gets all giddy over one playoff game lets look at the season that happened for a little perspective. Keep in mind that the stats you are about to see offensively from a B Schott offense are totally ignored when most discuss the Jets. This is strange considering that a team with the best defense in football was forced to slide into the playoffs because of two teams laying down. Since the Jets beat the Bengals in a game that counted lets give them the benefit of the doubt and say that if they met the Colts earlier they would have been 8-8. If B-Schott is such a wonderful coach then how did a team finish .500 with the best defense in the league? Heres how.

In total offensive points the Jets finished 17th, in total offensive yards they finished 20th, in first downs they finished 23rd, in pass attempts they finished dead last in 32nd, in passing yards they finished second to last at 31st, in passing touchdowns they finished 29th, they had the 4th most interceptions throw on offense in the league, they finished 21st in passing yards per attempt, and were 20th in turnovers. The Jets offense also committed at least 2 turnovers in seven of their 16 games. They committed at least 3 turnovers in six of those seven games.

What the Jets did do right is finished with the number one rushing attack behind the best offensive line in football. They also finished 1st in defensive points allowed, defensive points given up, defensive first downs given up, defensive passing yards allowed, defensive throwing touchdowns allowed and defensive throwing yards per attempt. Yes, the Jets defense was best in the league in ALL of those categories.

B-Schott also didnt help a rookie QB play well as some are trying to argue. Sanchez may have played mistake free football in the wildcard but he sure didnt do that all year long. Mark Sanchez threw 20 interceptions to only 12 touchdowns with a 63 QB rating and 53% completion percentage (amazing considering all his checkdown, curl route, and underneath route throws)

If some want to go ahead and crown B-Schott as some offensive genius after one playoff game against a Bengals franchise that has the longest streak without winning a playoff game (yes, longer than the Lions) and which shot themselves in the foot all game, then go ahead and crown him. Me, well, I'll just keep praying that OBD isn't so quick to make snap and reactionary judgments. No thanks to B-Schott and no thanks to those offensive statistics. We have seen enough stagnant offense the last four years to make that clear. Lets not hire a guy whose side of the ball DRAGGED DOWN a number one defense and nearly held them out of the playoffs.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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