When have the Bills become so secretive? It is very disturbing as a fan...

I have a hard time remembering a time period that the Bills were not secretive and not open to fans or media about their business than I have seen in the last 14 months. 


This all started with them failing to announce the DJ extension during the '08 season.  It was the worst kept secret in the NFL, but they kept dodging the announcement.  Here are a few more examples:


- OC and OL issues prior to the start of the season. 


- Not firing DJ during the bye week, then doing it a week later.


- No formal press conference after the DJ firing. 


- Hiring or the recruiting of Buddy Nix.


- Letting the rest of the coaching staff out of their contracts (essentially firing them).


- Constant rumors flying around going un-addressed (i.e. Shanahan interview, Gruden and Cowher contact, Frazier "leader in the clubhouse". 


Even their inside "paid" reporter Chris Brown is about as uninformed as we are as fans and his reporting has very limited at best.


For a fan base that have endured painful years of rooting for this team and one that continues to support this team through it all, even after all the bad decisions they have made, one would think with a new GM and chance to turn severe fan pessimism into some sort of hope and optimism, they would help by keeping fans a little better informed throughout this process.  I would gather than Brandon and Berchold have their reasons, but it is really a huge turn-off to make any fan believe they are going about the process the "right-way" or know what they are doing through all of this. 


Then the "tidbits" you do hear from Ralph from time-to-time...  "We didn't know any of the names on the list", "We don't want to hire just a name", etc.  Makes fans even more uncomfortable with what is happening.  I realize it is hard to control what is coming out of the mouth of a 91 year old...  The brain isn't always as sharp as it should be when on the spot, but I though Brandon was a lot smarter than what his is showing throughout this whole process, and I for one fan am very disappointed in their communication efforts in the last 14 months.


I would offer that if they had a weekly presser with media or had Chris Brown offering more information about their actions or strategy moving forward it would be a significant start.  Maybe Brandon himself as CEO could get in front of the camera.  Nix seems like a big personality type and could even do it.  Who knows?  Something more than they are offering would a lot better than the 10,000 rumors we are subject too, or the decisions that are made that leave fans scratching their heads and wondering…  Haven’t we learned something by now?



Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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