Get to know your fellow Rumblers

I know there is plenty going on right now as we're still awaiting word on our new Head Coach (who I believe is Frazier) but inbetween that time I thought maybe it would be nice if we had a place where we could get to know some of the newer members of our community. I know we have had a lot of new members join this season, and its awesome to know our community has grown despite of the fact that the team hasnt been all that successful. I know sometimes we get into heated discussions with each other, and I thought maybe this post would help shed some light on all of our personalities in this awesome place!


Anyways I guess since Im making this I will start after the jump.  And I do apologize for the length in advance.

Im 26, soon to be single again (marriage is hard LOL) and have a wonderful daughter (many of you know as you wished me well during the time around her birth last December) There is nothing better in the world than my little girl and Im sure all you other parents out there feel the same way about your kids.....its truly a one of a kind experience.

Anyways a little background on me. Born in Los Angeles, moved up to the great Northern California community of Hayfork (Population 1,800 or so) when I was 11. I was already a die hard Bills fan as I followed my favorite college football player Thurman Thomas from Oklahoma St to the Bills....been hooked ever since.

Played football and basketball in HS and was a pretty decent athlete, getting 2nd team All-league as a Tight End as a Senior (which was pretty special for me, because we ran the Wishbone triple option in HS and we rarely passed, but I had a couple of games where things just worked out that I could make a difference and the other coaches in the league I guess noticed)

I was never the best football player and at times shied away from contact, but my main asset to my team was that I was "the coach on the field" I knew what every position was supposed to do on every play, offense and defense, (love those X's and O's and gameplanning) I would spend countless amount of time watching film and studying our playbook, talking to the coaches every chance I could......I just loved soaking in all of it.

One game in particular I will always remember we were playing I actually made a play recommendation to our coach and told him what I was seeing out on the field......and sure enough the coach saw what I also saw and I told him that the LB and DB were all bailing out to the sidelines to cover the pitch on the options (we has some quick Athletes at the QB and RB positions) so anyways I told him I could get a first down anytime we wanted with a pop pass to the TE over the I was assuming he was going to give to the other TE who was taller and faster than I was, but two plays later he told me we were gonna run the play I called for and that I would get to run it.

Well needless to say the Defense did exactly what they had been doing the entire game and I ran the route and too my suprise the 5 yards we needed for the first down turned into a 45 yard touchdown......probably one of the most proudest moments in my life. At the end of the season the coach talked about that moment at our awards banquet and praised me and gave me the greatest compliment I've ever receieved......when he said that I would be a great coach one day.

I still have that desire and dream...but sometimes life gets in the way.

Anyways moving on.

After HS I joined the United States Air Force (about a week before 9-11 happened) so I was in basic training when that whole thing went down.....needless to say that day changed my life along with many of you I imagine. I no longer was in the military to just get the school money that I originally joined for. I was in to fight for my country against the evil SOB's that would do that to us.

I never got my chance to go to Afgahistan, but I did spend 4 amazing years overseas. Including going to Italy, Turkey, Germany, Iraq, Iceland, Qatar, and other places (went to 20 different countries in all)

Im very glad I did my 6 1/2 years in the military, I learned so much about the world and people and the type of person I want to be to this day.

I did get to live out my dream of coaching here and there. I coached 1 season in Italy for a HS football team made up of American kids on the base......they played against kids from other bases in the country. I didnt have a specific title I just kinda floated around and helped where I could, filling in when other coaches werent around.

Coached 2 seasons of little league baseball and 1 season of youth basketball for ages 11-15

When I finally got back to the states I got on with a Freshmen team over in Vacaville CA as the WR coach (and half way through the season the Frosh coach trusted me enough to be the passing game coordinator while he coached the RB and the running game) He came to me anytime a passing situation came up and asked me about play selection.....needless to say this was a huge thrill for me and just increased my thirst and desire to want to coach more.


However like I said, sometimes life gets in the daughter being born and my marriage falling apart has me putting that kinda thing on hold, but I plan on getting back to it more.


So as you can see Im more of a "Coaching guy" then a personnel guy......when it comes where I stand in this whole organizational shakeup.

Anyways currently I work for the National Park Service as a Law Enforcement dispatcher.

Its a good job, but not what I want to do.....Im actually jealous of MRW because he's doing what I would love to be doing.  But with the economy being what it is you know, giving up a job like mine right now would be a horrible move because I still need to provide for my daughter.

Anyways right now Im all about sports.......Football, baseball, college, and my kid......that makes for some pretty full days.

If you've read all this I commend you because its much longer than what I had initally anticipated.


Anyways Im curious to know background on any and all of you that want to share.  Im glad to be a part of this wonderful community here at Rumblings and glad for each one of you guys too.....even if we dont always agree.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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