Thoughts On Chan the Man

I'm going to take a different approach.

Rather than beat the hell out of the Chan Gailey hiring, I'm going to do what I did after I watched the press conference: get my hopes up. I'm not going to whine about changing teams, I'm not going to boo-hoo about the lack of a big-name coach, I'm not going to follow the suit of alot of Bills fans today and act like the world is crashing down on the franchise. I'm just not that miserable of a person.

I like the fact that they hired a coach who knows offense - regardless of whatever the hell his name might be. And now we get a fresh start on that side of the ball, and frankly, everything he spoke of - his philosophy - was exactly what this team needs. Toughness, going after a proven QB, a mentality where they "expect" to win. With a new coach comes a new change - which was inarguably much-needed. And hopefully it will overhaul the mentality of the players. Chan Gailey isn't putting a helmet on and playing on Sundays but maybe, just maybe, he can get the players who do to approach the game with a whole new spirit. Something Dick Jauron and others failed at accomplishing. The passive, seemingly zombie-like, coaches we've had are a worn out philosophy.

And there are QB's out there in free agency and the draft, there are opportunities to trade players, hell, there are options everywhere - it's something you usually don't get with hold-over coaches. But with a new coach you have those opportunities because you don't know what he's going to do, the changes he might make, and chances are he'll make some good changes - so the horizon for this team could look a lot different. It could look better, it could look worse, but it's going to look different.

I applaud the passion Gailey looks to bring, the old-school mentality of winning tough, and I applaud Buddy Nix's attitude of "screw what you think". (As an aside - the media who were asking the redundant questions looked and sounded like a bunch of clowns, completely embarrassing themselves.) But Nix and Gailey are definitely passionate about what they want to bring to the table and that's more of a "desire to win" than I've felt since Marv Levy was coaching.

Sure, Cowher would've been nice, Shanahan, Billick, whoever (the big namers) but it didn't happen for a myriad of reasons - and now Chan's the man - and I'm ready to move forward. I'm ready to see if or when he overhauls the players and I'm ready to see what coordinators he and Nix bring in. I'm ready for the free-agents, the draft.

Hopefully the Bills fans on the roof can compose themselves, come on down, and get behind the Gailey hiring, because well, you can't do anything about it - no matter how much you cry or bitch and moan. As a fan-base, we're sort of going out of our way in depressing ourselves by all the Negative-Nancies running about.

Folks love kicking others when they're down, and Buffalo has been down for so long that I think it's become too easy for everyone to pass judgement on the team, but I'm willing to stay patient. Looking ahead, I have nothing but hope for the changes that have been made. I'm not making millions to decide on these things and so, besides a strong opinion, that's about all the choice I have. I mean, if the season-ticket holders who are blaring on about giving up their tickets are truly serious about it - send them my way! I'd love to have them. But I have a feeling their minds will change one they cool off. I mean... I don't fear change because it usually brings on an array of new choices.

And today, I don't mind the choice of hiring of Chan Gailey.

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