Taking a Quick Dump

Ah yes, everyone's favorite blogging tactic...the krytime-style dump. Now, this won't be a barn-burner of a post, but I really feel the need to take this dump off my chest and insert it into your brain.

...But where to begin?

I think this fan base has been so rattled by the consistent mediocrity that almost nobody is remaining objective to the fact that this move could very well pan out beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Now, I'm not putting my immediate stamp of approval on the Chan. At the same token, nobody should be putting their stamp of failure on the guy, either. There is little to no evidence on how good or bad of a coach he will be, and from what I've seen, that little evidence there is holds positive news. Nearly everyone else seems to be making bad news out of what looks to be good news.

I have been looking all throughout the comments all day, and my oh my. Every time I press "page down" it seems like there are at least two more complaints about this, that and the other thing that Chan Gailey can't do. Let me take a minute to go over these complaints and show you why I think they are inaccurate assumptions.

1. The Bills scraped the bottom of the barrel and plucked out Gailey.

I don't think this could be any less true, considering as a head coach he is 18-14 with two playoff appearances. On top of his head coaching experience, he ran a high powered offense back in the 90s with Pittsburgh, and his offenses were generally above average where ever he coordinated at. How good have Harbaugh, Frazier and B Schott been as head coaches in the NFL? Oh, right...all they have to go on is coordinator success.

2. If Gailey is this "hidden gem," why did nobody else go after him?

Let's see. After being jettisoned by Jerry Jones, he spent a bunch of years laying low as the head coach of Georgia Tech. He was then selected to be on Herm Edwards staff before the H-man's departure at the end of the 08 season. Fast forward one year, and Todd Haley is the head coach. Haley wanted his offense run his own way, and Gailey politely told Haley to screw off. 3 games into the preseason, he was let go. So comments like "the guy couldn’t cut it as the KC OC, pathetic" are unbelievably ignorant and completely untrue. 

And do you know any teams that hire coaches with 1 preseason game left, during the season, or any that are currently looking for a head coach?

3.  He's not a big name coach like Cowher or Marty Schottenheimer, so he automatically sucks.

OK, seriously? Tell that to Bill Belichick back when he took the head coach spot at New England. "You sell the steak, not the sizzle."

4. The last 10 years have been mediocre, and this reeks of being a status quo move.

WRONG. The last 10 years have seen the likes of Tom Donahoe and Marv Levy, and for the past few years, no one hold the title of General Manager of Football Operations. Really not an awe-inspiring list. People, Buddy Nix is not Tom Donahoe or Marv Levy. Chan Gailey is not Dick Jauron, Gregg Williams, or Mike Mularkey. This is not a status quo move.

5. Frazier/Schottenheimer/Anybody else would have been a better head coach choice.

So then, tell me why don't these guys have their own head coaching positions yet?

6. This team is going nowhere next year with Gailey as head coach.

And they would be with Cowher as head coach? You can only do so much as a head coach. The rest is up the the players. As I said earlier today, it's hard to mold a turd into anything more than a turd. Even if your nickname is the Chin.

7.  Feel free to add anything I missed in the comments section...

Also, feel free to bring up some legitimate arguments as to why you think the Chanster won't be a good head coach in his second professional go-round.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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