Q & A w/John Wooten 01-19-2010

Not as interesting as last week, but here are the topics from tonight's discussion with John Wooten, my commentary in italics:

3-4 Defense:
NT is 340/350lb, suck-up the O-Line, run-stopper, def not a pass-rusher
(Buffalo doesn't have a NT at this point)

DE's are "active DT's" from the 4-3, these guys need to get push on the Guards.
(In Buffalo's case, I think Williams & Stroud would fit as 3-4 DE's)

OLB's are under-sized DE's or quick LB's who are primarily responsible for rushing off the edge or dropping into coverage
(In Buffalo's case I think Mitchell & Maybin, if taught, can fit this role)

MLB's are intended to drop into coverage or fill the gaps against the run, your DE's and NT should be sucking up the O-Line which would allow the MLB's to make plays
(In Buffalo's case Poz can fit the role of one MLB, but they will most likely need to draft another, maybe McClain?)

Do you think players from Texas are overrated & soft?
To sum up his response NO.  They might not be highly productive right away, but they will be very consistent.
Being from Texas, John really defending Texas on this one

What direction will the Philadelphia Eagles go in after another disappointing season?
McNabb hasn't played his last game, that's for sure.  Something is going on in that ball club that I can't explain.  The intensity wasn't there at the end of the year when they could have won the division, got the bye week, and had home field in the playoffs.  McNabb & Vick didn't go after fumbles like they should have, they didn't fight like they should have.  The Eagles just didn't play with that intensity.

The Eagles GM position is open, the Rooney Rule comes into effect, they had discussed elevating one of their Front Office Personnel to GM, but the league stepped in and told them they need to comply with the rule.

Will McNabb goto Buffalo?  Will they keep Vick?
I don't pay attention to anything until it happens.
Didn't really pay much attention to the question here..and no it wasn't my question.

Do you like this year's Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl format?
I like it more because I see the Super Bowl as the end of a great football season, so I don't think it is necessary to travel to Hawaii the week after the Super Bowl to watch a bunch of guys who don't play hard and don't want to get hurt play football.

What do you think about Schneider being hired as the Seahawks GM?
I think it's a good fit.  Schneider was with the Seahawks a few years back, he did a great job with the interview process, our guy Marc Ross who interviewed just didn't have the Pro Experience to get the job.  Schneider has been the Senior Director of Football Operations for 7-8yrs and was previously the VP of Pro Personnel so he definitely has the experience.

Do you think Brett Favre will be back if they don't win the SB?  Do you think Favre made the Vikings who they are?
No question he made the Vikings who they are this year, this is the best I have ever seen Favre play.  I don't know if he will come back.  Right now he has done everything they have asked him to I don't should be one hell of a game.

When evaluating a QB, what are some of the key attributes? 
Ability to throw the ball with accuracy and/or arm strength.  Accuracy is the most important attribute, along with a quick release and pocket awareness.  You have to be able to move and move in the pocket, and he has to be able to read Defenses.  "If you are a stonewall QB then you are going to get stoned."  The QB has to show leadership and has to be a tough guy, he has to stand in there and take the shot, he can't flinch in fear of the hit.

Do you think Tim Tebow will get a chance to play, and will he have to change his throwing motion to play QB?
Tebow will play QB, he won't be a first round or Top 20 guy, I think he will be more of a shotgun or Wildcat QB, or maybe even at the TE spot because of his size & toughness.  I don't think he will be a Pro Bowler or even a Starter, but I do think he will be a player in the league because of his athletic ability and toughness, but I don't see him as an NFL QB.


Russ Lande discussion is tomorrow.  I have plenty of questions from last week so I will get those answers tomorrow and post them.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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