The Obligatory I want Tebow post



Introducing #15, Superman, Tim Tebow. Tebow has just completed perhaps the most storied career in college football history. In the last three years he has passed for almost 8500 yards, thrown for 85 touchdowns, won two National Championships, won the Heisman Trophy, broken 3 NCAA records, 13 SEC records, and 21 University of Florida records. 

In tonight's 51-24 victory in the Sugar Bowl, Tebow played like the Superman Gator Nation has proclaimed him to be. Tebow completed 31-35 passes for 482 yards and three touchdowns. Does he have what it takes to help the Bills

Let me start off by saying that I have not always been a Tebow fan. When I look for a quarterback I try and find a guy who looks like a quarterback and plays like a quarterback. When I ask myself what I want to see in the next Bills signal caller, I picture a guy like Peyton Manning, Jim Kelly, or Johnny Unitas.  I just want a normal Hall of Fame caliber QB... is that too much to ask for?

Tebow is far from normal. The guy has rushed for nearly 3000 yards in his college career for crying out loud! He has 56 career rushing touchdowns. For those keeping score, that is nine more than Herschel Walker's previous SEC record of 49. This QB has rushed for more touchdowns than Michael Vick, Bo Jackson, and Emmitt Smith. I have never wanted a running Quarterback and never lobbied for Michael Vick. I never wanted Randall Cunningham or Fran Tarkenton (granted I wasn't alive yet).

Tebow can throw too. He has never had a passer rating under 155 on a season. His completion percentage has always hovered around 65% and he has never thrown for more than six interceptions on the season. He makes good decisions with the football. We could use that. I think he probably has the best deep ball in Florida history second to Rex Grossman. We could use that.

Critics will argue that Urban Meyer's offense puts Tebow in an ideal position to succeed. Is that not a coach's job? To give his players the best chance to perform? Would an NFL coach not be able to do the same? Game plans are created using the talent on a roster. The Falcons would not use the same game plan for Vick and Ryan would they? Another argument I have heard is that his delivery is far too low on passes. Maybe it is just me but it looks to me like he has changed it a little bit. There are QB's that have succeeded with different throwing motions. Brett Farve doesn't have a typical motion. Bernie Kosar's throws weren't "normal".

Sure you can look at all the numbers or you can look at all the negatives and try and make a decision based off that. But then you have to take a look at his leadership abilities. The guy is a winner who cares about his football team and his fans. I am not advocating we pick Tebow at #7-10, I am just saying I won't be upset if we do. I still wouldn't mind seeing Rolando McClain in the middle, but if we decide to go with Tebow and the experiment fails, at the very least, I'll have somebody to cry with on Sundays.

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