So everyone knows that the Buffalo Bills have a lot of work to do this off-season, heck they have a lot to do over the next three years. A long term plan is the only way to get to where everyone wants this team to be. It is undeniable that a great team starts with a great coach. For all of us who have played sports at some point in their lives, we know that the greatest motivator is a great coach who you want to win for. This bond is usually built through those hot, intense two-a-days or long tough practices in which we feel like our coach is trying to kill us. All of us know that Coach Jauron was not a believer in these types of practices, or really any with any kind of contact or merit, I've been curious what actually went on during practice, but that is for another time. I feel that first we need to decide what kind of team we want to be. Do we want to be a smash mouth run you over type of team with a tough defense? If so we need to hire a very smart Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach that will be a strong motivator and doesn't want to control the whole game, that is why he has assistant coaches. This is the reason why I didn't really want Shannahan, he would want control of the offense and almost want to be a GM as well. No doubt Cower would have been a great coach to have but the chances of him coming to Buffalo were pretty slim, now we have Gailey, who I am not sure about yet but I'm liking him more and more.

Honestly, when we signed Dick Jauron a couple years ago I was not happy and knew it would not lead to anything good. And when we drafted Trent Edwards I was optimistic but when this year rolled around I didn't see much coming from him. Whoever, our Defensive Coordinator will end up being, I think it might be time to install a 3-4 at One Bills Drive. Although this would take a lot of personnel changes it might be necessary. Oh, a thing that I really enjoyed is when Nix said that he'd only be working with personnel matters and none of the financial workings, this is great to hear so it says that this guy will be really dedicated to fixing this team.

Ah, on to the players. Boy, is there a lot of work to do, especially now that we will have a different offense and defense. First, I think we need to get as many good players in free agency as possible, which may not happen but I can hope!

Free Agency (My Wishes):

1. A veteran QB to start one, two, or three years.

2. A Big Running Stuffing DT

3. Depending on Who's Available

4. Solid Backup Offensive Lineman

5. A second WR and/or a Slot Reciever (very much needed)

6. Fast Running Back?

Draft: As for the draft, we really don't have any need that is most important, therefore in the first round we should draft one of the three with the best available QB, LB, OT. Then the following rounds draft the best guy that we can or someone that we've scouted that we like a lot.

Although this is just a small summary of what we need to do, hopefully we continue in the right direction in order to make the playoffs.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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