why tim tebow would be a great pick for the bills

First you will have to excuse my writing style, as i blog without many punctuation rules.  mainly i dont capitalize and use ' in my words.  im sorry if it is hard to read, its just my style.  many of you know my feelings on tebow (being a gator and bills fan) and have probably had me yell at you in the comment section of many of brians posts if you doubt tebow will be a good qb in the nfl.  well i am writing this fanpost to pretty much give us an open thread to talk openly about one of the most debated/controversial/talked about draft prospects in the 2010 draft.  (i would argue one of the most controversial in many many years.)  so i shall put forth my arguments as to tebows strengths and weaknesses in the post below.  im sorry if it gets long but here it is, for everyone to criticize and talk about.


first i must address the "in-accurate" argument against tebow.  his ability to throw a football is well documented. he has a 66.4% completion record throughout his college career, and needs to work on his release. he has 88 passing TD’s to 16 ints or a 5.5 td to int ratio. for comparison mccoy has 2.48 td-int ratio (112 tds- 45 ints) and hes considered one of the most accurate qbs in college history with a 70.3% career completion record.  bradford also trails tebow in td-int ratio, although not by much if you dont count his injury reduced junior year, bradford td-int ratio is 5.375, if you add his junior numbers he has a 5.5, even with tebow. surprisingly even, as bradford threw 88 tds and 16 ints in his college career, and sports a 67.6% completion ratio for his career.  Jimmy clausen has a 2.22 td-int ratio, with 60 tds and a whopping 27 ints in his three year career, and also sports a 62.6% completion rate.  so to recap, tebow is less accurate than mccoy and bradford, but more accurate than clausen.  his td-int ratio is above both mccoy and clausen (and depending on whether you want to add bradfords junior year) better than or equal to bradford.  so i think people need to stop saying hes not accurate, because he clearly is and is also able to mitigate mistakes by not throwing ints.


secondly i hear everyone talk about how tebow has the "it" factor.  from nfl scouts to many of us here on rumblings.  whether its something people discount or praise, it always comes up. to those that doubt the "it" argument, i put this observation, arent we all upset about TE and his mental ability to throw it down field? in other words isnt trents main weakness his inability to play out of his head and trust in himself? i think a lot of what goes into being a quality QB in the nfl is the mentality of it all. Kaisertown put forth the fact that tebow is only 1-4 in games decided by 7 points or less.  in response to that argument, i say, he only lost 5 games (while winning 35 games he started) in his college career. in the 2007 season, losses to auburn and lsu came because the defense failed to stop their final drive. the ole miss game in 2008 was lost because of a blocked extra point, and in the 2007 bowl game, the defense gave up 41 points. so i dont understand how people think tebow benefited from great defense, when it can be argued their defense if what cost them those 4 games. maybe thats just opinion tho.  I think having "it" as a qb is essential in the nfl.  look at all those that have the skills but cannot make it, i.e jarmarcus russell, our very own jp losman, and even trent.  so discount having "it" or being a winner as much as you guys like but i believe it is essential to being a good qb in this league.


third there is the argument that tebow has terrible mechanics that cant be fixed at the nfl level.  there have been numerous article written about tebow and his throwin motion.  some written by ours truly der jager.  another one is linked (not just once but twice in the fanshot section, shout out to JPH who had the same mindset as me) about tebows ability and absolute will to succeed in the nfl.  Herock (ex gm and nfl personnel director) states that you only have to tell tebow once that he makes a mistake, and then he handles it on his own.  plus didnt such qbs as drew brees and philip rivers have similar concerns to their throwing motion before being drafted?  i do agree he holds the ball too low and has a longer than normal throwing motion in general, but there is no doubt in my mind that tebow has the desire not only to fix these things, but to perfect them.  tebow is someone with a drive and will not many have shown before.  i would agrue his work ethic will be unmatched on this buffalo team.


fourth, i dont think people can say tebow is a system qb.  yes, he hasnt taken many snaps from under center, but i think that is one of the easier fixes for tebow to learn.  i do concede that tebows rushing numbers are a product of the system and play calling of urban meyer.  theres no way i think tebow will have  the same success running the ball in the nfl as he did in college.  he will however be a very mobile qb which will work to his advantage.  think of ben roethlisberger only more mobile.  he does however need to work on his reads.  as a long time gator fan i have seen almost all of his games and when his first or second option isnt open, he is more likely to run than look at his fourth and fifth option.  this is a concern as qbs in the nfl need to be able to read defenses and dissect them on the spot.  again i think tebow will fix this, and with the right qb coach can overcome this weakness.  it also goes to some merit that chan gailey likes his qbs to be mobile.  maybe not super mobile like vick, but mobile enough to roll out and make a play on their feet.  i think tebow more than vick, clausen or mccoy fit this description as options in the year 2010.  


and finally i do understand that tebow can rub people the wrong way.  but blame that not on him but the media that insists on following his every move.  sure he was a polarizing figure in college sports with his religious and political beliefs, but i cant understand how that would allow people the mindset of not wanting him on their team.  make no mistake, tebow will become a larger media force once in the nfl, and even more so if he succeeds, but that is the baggage any team will have to take.  and id much rather have that baggage than getting arrested for dumb crap.  


this post is already longer than i expected, but thats ok.  i felt like it was a good time to throw out everything about tebow.  i encourage people to reply to this post with their criticism and thoughts on tim tebow.  personally i dont think hes be a terrible pick at number 9 (call me crazy im sure many of you will, but depending on his senior bowl performance and combine performance i think some of you might come around to my thinking).  and i think it would be absolutely stupid to pass on him with pick number 41 in the draft (if he is still available and the bills didnt draft another qb in round 1, obviously).


i also didnt even mention his attributes as a wild cat type qb, or an h-back or TE.  thats the beauty of tebow, if he busts as a qb, he has two other positions he can still succeed at!   like i said any team would be stupid to not draft him by the second round.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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