Purging the Roster

With the new coaching regime starting, we all should assume some of the players on the current roster will not be back next year.  I've taken a look at the current contract statuses and have come up with my own list of players that I think SHOULD not return.  I obviously have no inside information, just a lot of wishful thinking.   *Players I think that won't be returning will be struck through.

QB:  Brian Brohm, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gibran Hamdan

Analysis:  Look for the Bills to add another QB either during FA or the Draft.  If a potential Rookie starter is drafted look for Edwards to be realeased during training camp.

RB:  Justise Hairston, Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Corey McIntyre

Analysis:  If Lynch's off the field issues continue he may be trade bait; especially if the Bills feel they can find a speed back to compliment Jackson in the draft.

WR:  Lee Evans, James Hardy, C.J. Hawthorne, Justin Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Terrell Owens, Roscoe Parrish, Josh Reed

Analysis:  Jenkins did sign an undisclosed contract but he serves no purpose in terms of offensive production and hopefully with Bobby April gone the new coaching staff won't keep players around for ST purposes only.  I would love to see T.O. resigned because I think he can do a lot of good on our team with a new HC.  Roscoe is a huge question mark, he could easily be kept but I think sometime during the off season he will be traded for more draft picks.  Look for the Bills to add a veteran WR for depth and possibly one during the draft.

TE:  Derek Fine, Joe Klopfenstein, Shawn Nelson, Derek Schouman, Jonathan Stupar

Analysis:  Even though Schouman is still signed until next off season I don't see him making the roster with his average at best skill set and injury riddled short career.  I think a FA TE may be brought in as more for depth and blocking purposes unless there is an amazing snag in the draft.

T:  Demetrius Bell, Brad Butler, Kirk Chambers, Nick Hennessey, Jamon Meredith, Andre Ramsey, Jonathan Scott, Jason Watkins

Analysis:  The Bills NEED to upgrade this position in the 1st or 2nd round.  If more then 1 elite tackles are available I would suggest they draft them.

G:  Richie Incognito, Andy Levitre, Seth McKinney, Kendall Simmons, Eric Wood

Analysis:  I personally like Incognito as long as he can keep his cool.  He did as good as a job as you could ask for when being thrown into the starting line up just a few days after joining the team.  I look for them to possibly add a veteran back up which may mean McKinney not making the team.

C:  Christian Gaddis, Geoff Hangartner, Marvin Philip

Analysis:  I think this entire position needs fixed.  I just don't see Hangartner as an every down starter.  Possibly move Wood to C and either draft or sign a guard to fill that void.


DE:  Chris Ellis, Ryan Denney, Chris Kelsay, Jermaine McGhee, Aaron Maybin, Aaron Schobel, Marcus Smith

Analysis:  I cannot wait to see Denney gone.  He has never been worth a roster spot in my opinion.  Kelsay isn't a FA until next off season but I'm hoping not to see him play for the Bills next year either.  I have never liked him nor will my feelings for him change; he is terrible as a pass rusher and always get sucked inside when teams rush or run reverses to his side.  Ellis just hasn't shown enough to me to keep him on this list.  I look for the Bills to add a DE during the draft.

DT:  Rashaad Duncan, Lonnie Harvey, Spencer Johnson, John McCargo, Marcus Stroud, Kyle Williams

Analysis:  Even though McCargo is still signed through this year he just hasn't shown anything that would want to keep him.  I also think Johnson may not make the roster if the Bills address their small DT's during the draft or FA.

LB:  Marcus Buggs, Jon Corto, Chris Draft, Keith Ellison, Nic Harris, Kawika Mitchell, Ashlee Palmer, Paul Posluszny, Josh Stamer

Analysis:  This position is one of the spots that needs the most over hauling.  I have waited years to put that line through Ellison's name!  He is the one person on this team that I absolutely HATE.  I won't be suprised if either Draft or Harris doesn't make the roster.  We definately need a new starter along side Mitchell and Posluszny.  I'm hoping someone in the draft will be added along with a back-up or 2.

CB:  Reggie Corner, Drayton Florence, Cary Harris, Ellis Lankster, Leodis McKelvin, Terrence McGee, Ashton Youboty

Analysis:  This has been a problem position for the past few years in regards to injury so I wouldn't be suprised if Youboty or Lankster are brough back as well as either a FA or a draft pick.

S:  Jairus Byrd, Bryan Scott, John Wendling, George Wilson, Donte Whitner

Analysis:  I love Wendling because of his ST prowess but like I said before, it's nice to see a few players go that serve no purpose on offense or defense.  Wilson is a wild card player for me.  He's a ST Captain and plays OK on defense but I think the Bills could upgrade the back-ups with either a FA signing or a draft pick.

ST:  Rian Lindell, Brian Moorman, Garrison Sanborn

Analysis:  I have no faith in Lindell.  I have never been more scared when a player steps onto the field then when he does.  He is signed through the next few seasons but I would not be heart broken at all if someone is brought in to compete for his spot.


There it is folks.  My purging of the roster according to contract statuses and a one trade of Parrish.  If I was a part of the Bills FO I would resign T.O. cut Kelsay and Lindell but lucky for those players I'm not.  Read, digest and react please :-)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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