My Bills Plan (The McNabb Plan)

It has been a long time since I have written a Fan Post but I need the therapy right now.  Here are my thoughts even though I am not sure I want this to happen.

The Bills owner and fans are in a win-now mode after the last 10 years, which is completely understandable.  I have never seen such little support for the Bills in the last 20+ years.   The way to fix the Bills must start with the QB and that is why I think the Bills will make a trade with the Eagles for McNabb.  They will give up their 2nd round draft pick and Edwards (I am going on the assumption this is a fair price).  I think this trade is possible for numerous reasons.  The Bills are desperate for a proven signal caller.  The Eagles might want to start over on offense by getting rid of both Westbrook and McNabb and are going young with Kolb and McCoy so he can build with their young receiving core (Jackson/Maclin and Celek).  This will save the Eagles money and allow them to go make a big free agent splash.  McNabb will bring an new found excitement to the Bills.  Gailey also likes somewhat mobile QBs.  Even though McNabb is older and has slowed down he is still mobile in the pocket although not a "scrambler" anymore.  McNabb's Syracuse connections will help from a marketing perspective with the fans (Another smart "Marketing" move by Brandon)  This will give Gailey the proven signal caller he desires and since he believes he is a "teacher" he will have a year or two to work with Brohm.

The Draft:  I do not believe Clausen nor Bradford will be available for the Bills which is why I think the above move happens.  I believe the Rams will draft Clausen, and Bradford will go to the Skins.  Since both of these guys will be gone I do not feel anyone in the draft has any MORE potential than Brohm.  Don't forget at one point Brohm was considered a top 10 pick.  There is no reason to believe the Bills will hit on a 2nd round future franchise QB so the Bills will let Brohm learn under McNabb as the young prodigee.  Fitz will stay on for security. 

Ultimately, the McNabb move will directly lead to 2 things.  #1  The Bills will spend their #1 pick on the best offensive tackle available.  This actually pains me to write as I believe McClain is the next Patrick Willis and want the Bills to take McClain regardless.  But they go with the best tackle available.  #2.  With a veteran signal caller the Bills convince Schobel to return for one more year in which case the Bills stick with a 4-3 defense and maybe use Maybin as a standup rusher in a 3-4 to mix things up on occassion.

This leads to a fundamental roster something like this

QB:  McNabb, Brohm, Fitz

RB:  Lynch, Jackson

TE:  Schoman, Nelson, FIne

WR:  Evans, Hardy, Steve Johnson and some mid-level FA and a late draft pick

OL:  Wood, Levitre, Hangartner, Butler, Incognito, Bell, Meredith, Scott (maybe) 1st round pick

DL:  Schobel, Kelsay, Maybin, Ellis, Williams, Stroud, Johnson, and either cheap FA, the PS guy who weights 350+ (forgot his name) or mid round Draft pick (3-5)

LB:  Mitchell, Ellison, Poz, Harris, Draft, Plamer and mid level FA or Draft pick (Angerer from Iowa in the 3rd or 4th?)

CB:  McKelvin, Florence, McGee, Corner, Harris, Langster

S:  Whitner, Byrd, Wilson, Scott


Obviously, this is not perfect but the D was decent at times last year when healthy...They played good against the Pats, TB, great against the Saints, good against Clev before the injuries started to mount.  Guys like Maybin, Williams, Poz, Ellison, Harris, Palmer and most of your secondary are at an age where they should be better with another year under their belt. Clearly the offense benefits from McNabb and the 1st round tackle.  This builds hope for 2010.   

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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