My dream Bills Mock (Opinions Needed!)

Now I am going to try to keep this as realistic as I possibly can. I am going to include what I think could realistically happen. I feel like this year's draft and next year are the two most important events for the Bills in since the retirement of Jim Kelly. I am going to give up pick #104 ( 4th round) and pick #168 (6th round) for Troy Smith. I think that this is a fair value for our future starting QB. I am a fan of his, and I think he could be an above average QB in this league(think younger, more athletic Matt Hasselback). Anyways, here we go:

Round 1 - pick #9 Trade to the NYG- We give up the 9th pick and pick #73 (3rd round), and recieve pick #'s 15, 46(2nd rd), 77(3rd rd), and 113(4th rd).  The NYG need to get younger and better on D and I think Rolando McClain does just that for them.

Round 1 - pick #15-Brian Bulaga OT Iowa- I am of the opinion that this is the best OT in the draft. Through looking at film and watching him in games, I think he has the potential to be a top 5 LT in football. He reminds me of Jake Long. If you do not believe me, go back and watch both paly in college. Very similar.

Round 2 - pick #41-Brandon Spikes MLB Florida- He is a big, physical, thumper. Just thge type of MLB we need. He will slide in the draft like Laurinaitis and Maualuga last year.  What he lacks in straight line speed, he makes up in instincts. He will not test great at the combine, but when you watch him play he just seems to read and react very well.

Round 2 - pick #46- Dexter McCluster RD Old Miss- I think he is the explosive palymaker this offense could use. With his preformance at the senior bowl week, I think he has moved himself into the 2nd round. Also a SEC palyer which we know Nix is comfortable with.

Round 3 - pick #77- Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech- A big strong very talented wr that played for a team that couldn't throw the ball. Has good hands and can attakc the ball at it's highest point. I doesn't hurt that Chan is very familar with him. Could have been a 1st round pick if he had someone to throw him the ball. I think he will test well at the combine and his stock will rise to the 3rd.

Round 4 - pick #113-Torrell Troup DT Central Florida- Torrell Troup has moved into the No. 3 nose tackle slot behind Dan Williams and Terrence Cody. Troup dominated the opposition during East-West Shrine practices. He has a very good anchor and is has good hand technique.

Round 5 - pick #136- Alex Carrington DE(-3-4) Arkansas State- This guy is having a great week at the Senior Bowl. His is 6'5" 280lbs. He have a qucik first step, and is stout against the run. He has the ability to add another 10-15lbs without losing his quickness. He will help us transform to a 3-4 D..

Round 6 - pick #152- John Skelton QB Fordham- Here is are QB of the future. Has all the phsyical abilities to paly in Buffalo, big guy, big arm, can take a hit. This guy is going to need alt least 2 years of hard work to become NFL ready. He needs a lot of work on his footwork and reads. What he does have is some serious raw ability. If he is groomed right, he could be a very good NFL Qb in 3-4 yrs.

Round 7 - Pick #193- Freddie Barnes WR Bowling Green- Someone is going to be very happy with guy once they get him in camp. He is very simila to TJ Houshmandzadeh. Not overly fast, not overly big, but can catch anything thrown even remotely near him. He fights for every ball in the air, and wins most battles. This guy is another example of functional speed. He will not run a very good 40yrd dash, but because he rund great smooth routes he gets open.

Round 7 - pick #200- Kenny Alfred G/C Washington State- Versitile O-lineman that can probalby paly 3 positions on the line. Faced PAC-10 competition, and started his last 29 games for Washington State. Great for depth.


This is the way I see it playing out. If the Bills can do anything close to this, I would consider this off-season a huge success. I am really looking forward to you're guys opinions on this.


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