After reading great stuff about Central Michigan star QB Dan Lefevour on the stadium wall, I decided to check him out playing in the GMAC bowl last night versus Troy.

Let's get the minuses out of the way...he looks way too young to lead a NFL club and he's a little smaller than his listed size of 6'3" 238lb, He also never plays under center, but these are just nitpicks. The only real problem is that he lacks the cannon Bills' fans think a QB at the Ralph must possess. After watching Edwards and Fitzpatrick all season you gotta think they may be right.

However, Lefevour by no means has a weak arm, it certainly wouldn't be a problem for a dome team and he has so many positives...most of you know about his ridiculous stats but they bear repeating; nearly 13000 yds, and 102 TD's, to give him a 143 career QB rating. Add to that 3000 rushing yds. and another 47 TD's and you have the holder for the Mid American Conference records for career completions, attempts, passing yards, passing touchdowns, total touchdowns, and total offensive yards. LeFevour is the only player in NCAA history with over 12,000 passing yards and 2,500 rushing yards and currently sits 2nd all time in total offensive yards. He also holds the FBS record for total touchdowns with 150. (whew!)
Watching yesterday, he displayed a nice release, excellent pocket presence, excellent field awareness, excellent mobility and is a fine athelete. Throws well on the run (even backwards), has excellent touch and threw with some mustard at times. He is clearly intelligent, directs traffic, had excellent throw aways, and audibled correctly several times. He managed the game very well, and led his team to his 8th career 4th quarter comeback victory 44-41. His baby-face seemed to disappear with the game on he line, his facial expression looked like e knew he would win(similar to Brady or Manning, or Tebow or Jordan for that matter.)
During the game, which was excellent by the way, he made 5 or 6 huge NFL type plays, my personel favorite was a 2nd and 15 play with 4 minutes left, backed-up on his own ten. Out the the shotgun, the play call was clearly a standard pass out of the pocket. With noone open, he leaned to run to his left, but that hole quickly closed. Not panicking he found an opening to his right and took it. Running with his head up, he began directing traffic. At the last second, with his feet one foot behind the line of scrimage and one yard from out of bounds he let go of a beautiful pass dropping the ball neatly over the shoulder of his receiver, leading him for a 22 Yrd. gain. The announcers kept referring to other great plays but that was my favorite because he was in such a dire situation at the time.
How does he differ from Tebow? He looks more like an elusive QB than a running QB. Seems a little taller and lankier (he could get to 238lbs.) and he doesn't have that hitch in his release. Most importantly, he was born, raised and played in the North! Ofcourse, Tebow is a phenomonon and I would be happy with either of them.
I think, there is little doubt that the senior bowl practices and game (how well can they throw the deep out) will greatly determine what round each of them is taken.
As much as I agree with Bills' fans that believe we need a monster DT and a monster LB, the NFL is all about the QB. Barrng injuries, we have an O-line, with Bell, Levitre, Hangartner, Wood and Butler, being pushed by Simmons, McKinney, Incognito, Meridith and Chambers being pushed by Scott, Ramsey, Gaddis, Hennessey, Watkins and Marvin for a total of 16 O-line men. Barring injuries, they should be able to coach-up 8 of these prospects to protect a QB. They definitely (IMO) put OL to a secondary need in this draft. We have to secure a serious QB prospect in this draft to compete with Brohm and if done correctly, a third QB with clear NFL starting potential.

NOTE: Ray Bentley was having a post-game chat (off-air) with him after the game.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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