Brian Schottenheimer

I'm going to start by saying that I'd be happy with truly any of the candidates that have been mentioned for the Bills' head coaching vacancy recently.  

If Leslie Frazier is the frontrunner for the position, I would be fine with that and I think he would succeed here.  If it's Bill Cowher, fantastic as well.

It is of my opinion right now that Brian Schottenheimer should be involved with the coaching staff of our beloved team whether in a head coaching role or as an offensive coordinator on his father Marty's staff (which is the only way he would be an OC here).  

Watching the Jets today was like watching what I wish the Buffalo Bills offense could and should be.  

Before I start my argument for Schottenheimer, it's clear that the Jets have a much, much better offensive line than we do.  I get that.  But I think next year our offensive line would certainly be serviceable enough to execute Schotty's offense.

First, the Jets run the ball really, really well.  That's obvious.  Even though most grinding, rushing offenses are boring, the Jets are fun to watch because they are imaginative when they run the ball.  They put receivers in motion, they run draws really well, and they run to both sides on sweeps and on the inside.  I absolutely loved the playcalling from Schottenheimer today and I definitely think we have the horses in Jackson and Lynch to pull off that style of rushing offense and put their talents to good use.  

You saw both Greene and Thomas break fairly big runs in this game, with Jones' touchdown run coming on the inside and Greene's big TD on a sweep to the left.  Even though the defense may be able to stack the box to prepare against New York, they still can't stop the running game because it is creative and never predictable.  I love that.

The creativity of the running game leads directly into my next point about Schottenheimer, and that has to do with the way he has treated a rookie QB with Mark Sanchez this season.  Now, I know, Sanchez hasn't had the greatest year with the 20 INT and all that, but damn, he looked great in this game.  

Schottenheimer didn't let Sanchez get out of control in this game, which is why he ended 12/15 on the game.  The passes were safe throws, and when Sanchez did have the opportunity to go downfield, he hit them in the long TD to Keller and the should-have-been drop with Edwards.  You saw numerous times where Sanchez made a wide open throw off a play action rollout or simple slant throw.  

Schotty knew, and so did the Bengals by the way, that the Jets were going to try and pound the ball all game long, and they were still able to do it successfully.  The offensive gameplan coming into the game was ingenious I think.

This is all to say that if we indeed choose to go with a rookie QB early in the draft, whether that is Clausen, Bradford, Tebow, or LeFevour, Pike, McCoy, etc in later rounds, I think Schottenheimer could groom him really well.  The way he's reeled Sanchez in after it looked like a disastrous start has really shown that he knows how to handle a young QB.  

If a rookie QB is what we have going into 2010 along, Schottenheimer's run-dominated and safe-passing offense should be the one that is being run.  

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