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Look no farther then this list of all the players Buffalo has added to its front seven either via the draft, free agency or trade since '06' to see why this team who has ranked no higher then 22nd against the run since '06' has become the worst run D in the League and when this season is done maybe the worst in the history of the modern NFL post AFL/NFL merger. The list does not include Chris Kelsey who has been on Buffalo since '03' and is the defenses oldest holdover. I also didn't include the "10' draft class cause maybe some can turn out to be good? I did add the F.A.'s Buffalo signed in "10' cause we have a better idea what kind of player's they are. Note all the L.B.'s Buffalo added in free agency this past off season were released by their former teams 2 of them now start for Buffalo. The list includes how they were acquired and what they are doing currently.


Defensive linemen
John McCargo, 1st rd. - Still on The Bills and has been a healthy inactive all season
Kyle Williams, 5th rd. - One can argue he has been the best player Buffalo has drafted in the last 5 season's, starting nose tackle for Buffalo
Larry Tripplett, F.A. - Currently  out of the League
Ryan Neill, O.F.A. - Play's D-End but was mostly a long snapper for Buffalo, Currently out of the league
C.J. Ah You, 7th rd. - A reserve D-End for the Rams
Chris Ellis, 3rd rd. - Just released by the Bills to make room for Shawn Nelson, Failed to convert to an OLB
Anthony Hargrove, via Trade - Key Defensive line reserve for the Saints
Copeland Bryan, O.F.A. - Currently  out of the League
Spencer Johnson, F.A. - Reserve D.E. for Buffalo
Marcus Stroud, via trade - Starting D.E. for Buffalo
Dwan Edwards, F.A. - Starting D.E. for Buffalo

Nic Harris, 5th rd. - Reserve L.B. for The Panthers
Alvin Bowen, 5th rd. - Currently  out of the League
Ashlee Palmer, O.F.A. - Reserve L.B. for The Lions
Blake Costanzo, O.F.A. - Key special teams player for the Browns & Reserve L.B.
John DiGiorgio, O.F.A. - Currently  out of the League after suffering a Knee injury in "08'
Keith Ellison, 6th rd. - Revserve L.B. for Buffalo
Paul Posluszny, 2nd rd. - Starting L.B. for Buffalo
Kawika Mitchell, F.A. - recently released by Buffalo after another injury and remains unsigned
Marcus Buggs, O.F.A. - Reserve L.B. for the Bears
Aaron Maybin, 1st rd. - Reserve L.B. for Buffalo, Has only played 5 snaps in the last 2 games
Andra Davis, F.A. - Starting L.B. for Buffalo
Akin Ayodele, F.A. - Revserve L.B. for Buffalo
Reggie Torbor, F.A. - Starting L.B. for Buffalo 


Where are the play makers? The Stout run defenders? Linebackers who can play sideline to sideline? An elentless pass rusher who hurasse QB's all game long? NOT 1!  NOT 1 of these types do we have:( inept players even more inept talent evaluation! UGH just UGH Fellow Bills Fans

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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