game plan and coaching issues, I like Chan but I hope he can change some things up

There are some basic things that I thought Gailey did wrong and it has happened a few times this season and I am starting to wonder about his effectiveness as a HC/OC. I wonder about the gameplan on Sunday and why we did the things we did esply on the O side of the ball (I realize how bad the D was but I have a point to make here). It seems like we need to have an identity but when we start to build one during a game we turn away from it. We didn't have a D collapse until after we gave up the identity we were building. 

We, from what I saw of the first quarter and the second we were running well and not behind, then just before the 1/2 we had a series where we threw 3 incompletes for a quick 3 and out (was this after the stupid bunch of penalties down near the goal line? I think it was, is that why he switched it up? IDK but). What was that? 
Give FJ the ball and run the damn thing! Keep your awful D off the freaking field! Take time of the freaking clock! Go with what has mostly worked to put your 10 points on the board (I would argue Lee's TD was set up by the run BTW). Your damn O line is making mistakes at pass stuff on many too levels and Fitz looked uncomfortable w/ the calls and then threw up some bloopers.  Why not run FJ from an I or have CJ and FJ in the back field at the same time w/ 2 TEs in there? I thought you were creative? Make them stack the box then throw a play action at them and throw a semi long ball. The only motion I ever see is a RB or TE moving behind the line to get into blocking position.

I understand having a balanced attack but Jacksonville understood the value of staying on the ground and wearing our D out (esablishing the run and going w/ what works to set up the pass game), we should have gone w/ that game plan. I also am starting to think Nelson is sometimes a better option than Roscoe and wouldn't mind him in there sometimes instead (I did see the catch RP made BTW and he does block like a tiny demon) but we need some height across from Lee IDK switch him out w/ SJ a bit more? Our WRs looked better this week on the whole, even if SJ was lucky on the TD (he didn't get called for the push off or juggling the ball).

All week they talked about having the run game work and FJ being the man in that, stick w/it then. I sometimes worry that we are just getting CJ experience instead of building a culture of winning when you do that? I just don't get it and it is a pattern after you did it basically the same way the last three games.

Today The D was worse at playing this 1/2 assed mix of schemes than it has been, we need to get in more or less one formation and stay with it. These players are not good enough and maybe not sharp enough to have 3 different philosophies in their heads in one game. I realize injuries are playing into this and learning new stuff and not having the personal to make it work but you have to understand those are just excuses to having bad plans. I kind of think we could move Williams over to DE sometimes when Troupe (who didn't look that awful in there today IMO) is in there, we need to see better work from our DEs in the run game. 

It is really that simple. Find a decent scheme and stay with it more. I saw a few of this a few of that and a few of the other thing, dude they can't handle it all yet and it really isn't working. Jacksonville loves to run and we didn't have 8 in the box and our CBs are playing 8 yards back? And another thing everytime they ran out of the shot gun THEY RUN the DAMN ball. We didn't get it the whole game.
Last thing why, oh why? is Maybin playing from a 4 point stance??? That is not putting him a position to succeed, he is awful at it.

One last little rant about the O line. Howard is a 1/2 step better than the 3 million dollar man, glad to see him get more time on the field even though he got beat a few times and miff on a key block on a run by FJ. Still better than Green. I thought they looked good at the run plays when FJ was in there most the time but man the middle of the line is struggling and Bell still has footwork problems. I think Fitz would be much better if he had some confidence in his front five, I think he panics in a different way than Trent which makes him look worse than he really is.
The main problem is not running to set up the pass and THAT is a coaching issue, not a QB one. 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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