Buddy has done something right so far

This is a FanPost inspired by My. Brian Galiford and within good reason it actually laments the fact that Buddy Nix got our 2010 9th overall Pick right.

Facts that point to this:

1.) We had absolutly no chance at Sam Bradford, we couldn't have in any way shape or form gotten that pick from St. Louis so before we try to make that arguement lets just put it to bed.

2.) Suh has been great and again we had no chance of getting this pick either, Detroit made a commitment to their defense this offseason and no way were they going to give up the chance to get Suh, Mccoy has been nothing special in Tampa but he hasnt been a lame duck either, and if there was a trade partner other then Seattle it was this pick but who do you take if we do make that Trade?

3.) Trent Williams and his linemates have given up 11 sacks over 5 games, thats not good, thats not good at all.Washington has the 25th overall rushing attack with one of the greatest running head coaches to ever coach football, something tells me Trent Williams might not be as good as expected.

4.) I cant say one bad thing about Eric Berry and I think kansas City's improved defense speaks for itself. But of all the positions available had Buddy Nix drafted a Safety he would have taken way more heat for taking Safety then he would have for taking a running back.

5.) Seattle which would have been trade partner number 1 for sure took Russel Okung and Earl Thomas, the safety pick again comes into play and Seattle is almost as offensivley challanged as Buffalo, and they have given up 9 sacks which is 2 better the Washington but still isnt very good, okung for what its worth though does look a little better then Williams(after 5 games) and if I was gunna knock Buddy its that he didnt trade for this pick.

6.) Joe Haden is next and for Buddy to have traded with Cleveland people would have said why, but I'll tell you why we could have taken McClain if we did this but we didn't and I can live that because Haden was a reach by Cleveland and I can live with buddy not taking another CB in the draft.

7.) Oh Rolando McClain the guy that got away I firmly believe if McClain had fallen we would have taken him and with very good reason this kid is for real and Man do I wish we had him on Buffalo, but oakland got him and trading to move up 1 pick makes no sense and Im sure Oakland knew from day 1 they were gunna take McClain.

8.) As for trading down, who do we trade down for?

A. Davis has looked awful, Matthews Got hurt (Imagine we passed on Spiller and took Matthews, WOW), Graham is hurt, Pierre Paul hasn't seen the field very much (with good reason), Morgan is hurt, Buluga is on the bench and cant beat out a not very good veteran for the spot, Dan Williams is what he is fat slow and not getting the job done in Arizona and the list goes on.

The players that we could have took that I would be ok with Dez Bryant ( Baggage and Buddy would have taken a licking when he didnt want to sign in Buffalo),

Sean Witherspoon (I would have been really happy with this pick even though it would have been considered a reach at 9 and Atlanta was in no hurry to trade up)

Denver gave up a 2nd and a 3rd to take Tebow thats a steep price to pay for a kid who no one knows in gunna pan out, i would have never paid that much, especially to an AFC favorite.

and last but not least, what teams would have traded up to get the # 9 pick the only team I can think of is Detroit and we wouldn't have gotten a 1st round pick for this year and what would we have all said way to go Buddy trading away our future after you said we build through the draft.

So for a the bad comments Buddy gets he got this 1 right and if he continues to get his 1st round draft picks right we will be allright its the picks after the 1st round that seperates good teams from bad ones.

And just to note what inspired this rant, all the carolina fans talking about how bad Clausen is and all the 49er fans complaining about there shotty line and how bad Alex Smith is.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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