Can the 2011 Bills match the 2008 Dolphins?

The team that went from 1-15 to 11-5 and the playoffs.

Well it could be said that Buddy Nix is no Bill Parcells, but I wonder if we can repeat some of the steps that they made. I doubt we'd start of by bringing a new GM like they did with Ireland, a new Head Coach in Sparano, but lets not forget they were also make the 4-3 to 3-4 defensive switch.

I have put in italics players we could move out or comparable players we already have signed or drafted to the roster

They started off by cutting some of the old dead wood in Trent Green (Brohm), LJ Shelton (Green), Zach Thomas (Kelsay) and Keith Traylor (Johnson).

A big splash was made in free agency particularly with guard Justin Smiley, defensive tackle Randy Starks (Williams) and wide receiver Ernest Wilford. Interestingly only Starks remains.

Admittedly they lucked out on bringing in Anthony Fasano (Nelson), Ferguson (Troup) and Ayodele (Andra Davis) for only a 4th and a 7th

Finally they got very good value trading Jason Taylor to the Redskins for a R2 (Lynch to the Seahawks for a R4

Going into the draft, Parcells and Ireland focused principally on the trenches in the first 3 rounds but also took a QB of the future

R1.    Jason Long LT

R2a.  Philip Merling DE

R2b.  Chad Henne QB

R3.    Kendall Langford DE

Our needs are different clearly as the Dolphins have a feasible RT in Vernon Carey. We also took two pieces of our DL last year in Carrington and Troup as well as retaining Williams and signing Dwan Edwards.

Our draft might look like this

R1.  Andrew Luck QB

R2.  Matt Reynolds LT

R3.  Gabe Carimi RT

The Dolphins did virtually nothing on the final day of the draft. Although Donald Thomas started several games he's no longer there, Murphy is at the Bucs, Parmele at the Ravens, and Dotson left for a spell in Denver before returning. Only Hilliard has been a fixture.

I personally think the interior of our OL is superior to what the Dolphins had. Pozlusny can easily be our Channing Crowder. Is Ted Ginn a better player than Lee Evans? or Davone Bess better than Steve Johnson? Whilst Brown and Williams are an impressive running back duo, Spiller and Jackson aren't too shabby. And looking at our secondary it is better than what the Phins had.

Even at OLB, the Dolphins had a group of no-names that the likes of Moats, Coleman, maybe Maybin and Batten next season should surpass.

Considering the lack of talent the Dolphins had when they went 1-15 and were able to quickly turn it around, is it impossible to think that the Bills couldn't work such a miracle? 








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