College QB Rankings

My personal ranking of current college Quarterbacks in terms of NFL QB prospects.  I have watched all games pertaining to the top three prospects (Barkely, Luck, Locker), and significant video of the other two prospects.  This is my personal ranking.  Enjoy read.  If you like - please hit me up with a "recommend"


    1. Strengths:  Arm strength.  Accuracy.  Mechanics.  Footwork.  Reading the defense.  Leadership.  Swagger.  Athleticism.  Football knowledge and intelligence.  Potential and upside.  Excellent pocket presence.  Makes great decisions.  Makes all the passes.  Excellent deep ball.  Excellent zip, velocity, and spiral on ball.  Excellent frame.  Strong work ethic.  Works in NFL style offense.  Great play action.  Quick delivery.  Competitive.  Natural franchise QB.

    2. Weaknesses:  Forces some passes.  Young - still learning.  Not very mobile.  Can lock on a receiver.

    3. Comments:  I am absolutely in awe of Matt Barkely and what/how much he has accomplished at a young age.  He is a superstar NFL franchise QB in the making.  Which ever team drafts him is very lucky.

    4. NFL Comparison:  Tom Brady.  Swagger.  Arm strength, accuracy, mechanics, and intense leadership.  Barkely is the next Brady.

  2. ANDREW LUCK (So - Stanford)
    1. Strengths:  Excellent leadership.  Quick mechanics.  Great footwork.  Strong arm.  Good deep ball.  Makes excellent decisions in the pocket.  Reads field very well.  Mobile.  Makes all the throws.  Bulky strong frame.  Very well coached.  Competitive and big game experience.  Swagger and competitive nature.  Throws very well on the run.  Great feel for the game and a very natural franchise QB.

    2. Weaknesses:  Does not have the tight spiral and and zip that Barkely has.  Not very accurate on deep pass.  Young - has a lot to learn.

    3. Comments:  Andrew Luck has the makings of a great NFL franchise QB.  He will be a superstar in the NFL and is a prototypical team leader.

    4. NFL Comparison:  Matt Ryan

  3. JAKE LOCKER (Sr - Washington)
    1. Strengths:  Excellent leadership.  Good footwork, and mechanics.  Has a natural feel for the position.  Incredible athlete - great speed as a runner.  Great accuracy.  Makes good decisions and has improved every game - learn from his mistakes.  Throws well on the run.  Good play action.  Has experience in NFL scheme.  Has fantastic potential and upside.  Skies the limit for Locker.  Played well in a horrible team.  Has a good feel in the pocket.  Has big game ability.

    2. Weaknesses:  Relies on feet at times.  Arm strength is limited.  Has a lot to learn about being a pocket QB - needs to improve evaluating the field.  Sometimes locks in on a receiver.  Sometimes looses confidence in pocket.  Sometimes locks on a receiver. 

    3. Comments:  Jake Locker is an amazing athlete and a future franchise QB.  He has a strong feel for the position but still has a lot to learn.  Has highest upside of group.  Can become a great passer and has the ability to make plays on his feet.  He is a lot like Tony Romo however Locker has shown the ability to make big plays when it counts.  If given the appropriate talent - well let your mind wander.

    4. NFL Comparison:  Tony Romo

  4. TERRELLE PRYOR (Jr - Ohio State)
    1. Strengths:  High potential and very high upside.  Strong arm.  Very athletic.  Extremely mobile.  Strong built.  Good work ethic.  Big game experience.  Competitive.  Shows improvements in accuracy and arm strength.  Shows improvements in completion percentage and YPA.  Runs a pro-style offense.  Well coached.

    2. Weaknesses:  Needs improvements in leadership.  Football IQ needs to improve.  Needs to improve as a pocket passer.  Needs to improve decision making and reading the field.  Does not have the best touch on the ball.

    3. Comments:  Pryor is a better version of Vince Young - perhaps a better comparison is Michael Vick - however Pryor's built is more Vince Young.  Has a lot to learn but can be a very effective QB at the next level.

    4. NFL Comparison:  Vince Young

  5. RYAN MALLET (Jr - Arkansas)
    1. Strengths:  Big upside and potential.  Monster size.  Monster arm strength.  Tight spiral.  Good play action.

    2. Weaknesses:  Terrible footwork and mechanics.  Poor accuracy.  Inconsistent.  Makes poor decisions.  Character is an issue.  Elongated release.

    3. Comments:  Ryan Mallet is a work in progress.  He has improved in accuracy and mechanics however he has a lot of work to do.  Ryan Mallet's monster arm may increase his actual draft value.  Mallet can be the next Derrick Anderson, or he can put in the work to be a lesser Joe Flacco.  I don't think he can be as good as Joe Flacco because he does not have the cool and feel for the position.  Mallet has big upside - with appropriate coaching can be very good.

    4. NFL Comparison:  ........ not really sure.  He is not as bad as Derrick Anderson, but not Joe Flacco.  I thought Drew Bledsoe - but no....

    The Buffalo Bills:  Coming into the 2011 NFL Draft I would be happy with either Jake Locker and Andrew Luck.  Both bring a fantastic set of talent, and are dynamic in their own ways.  I prefer Andrew Luck because he reminds me of a more prototypical NFL franchise QB.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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