Charter Members of the Fitz bandwagon

Everyone is jumping on the Fitz bandwagon.  I came across this article by Brian penned in June.  Interesting to say the least

For the record.  I called Fitz as the starter, with Brohm as the second string QB, and Brown as our 3rd stringer.

I posted this

Good job Brian

I can’t believe some of the brow beating you took for saying Fitz is the front runner. I have been saying that for quite awhile. Fitz ended the season as the starter….nothing has changed yet.

My take on our QBs……

Fitz – Not consistently accurate, but good enough. Is willing to thrown the 50/50 deep ball. Best at anticipating the window and throwing the ball to the WR in stride. Best feel in the pocket and can scramble and throw on the run, which will be a big plus behind our Oline. Best leader out of the group. I think Gailey will make Fitz the starter this season, but only because Brohm and Brown are not ready. I would not be surprised if Fitz is the backup or even gets cut next year.

Edwards – Most accurate. Throws the best looking ball…..nice tight spiral. Hardest worker. Handles the media well. Although Trent has seems to be attempting more deep balls in OTAs, I am not confident that he will continue to do so when the rush is real. I think Captain Checkdown will re-appear in the pre-season. Also, I don’t see how Edwards can make it through the season behind our O-line without getting another concussion and/or some other injury. I can’t get over the fact he lost the team last year. I don’t see Edwards making the 53 man roster. I would love for Edwards to prove me wrong, but he would also make me the most nervous if he was the starting QB. How long before he get hurts or losses his confidence again?

Brohm – Kid is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde right now. Throws some great balls, but seems to have accuracy issues. Has potential, but I don’t think he is ready yet. Has potential to be the starter this season, but everything would have to click during training camp. I think he will be the backup QB this year.

Brown – Most physically gifted. Seems to be able to fit the ball into tight windows. Raw as hell, but to good to try to stash on the PS. Lock to be the 3rd string QB this year. Will compete for the starting QB job next year.

Show me the baby CHIX, and it better not look like the pool boy from our vacation at Club Jauron!!!!!

“I’m not sure if I disagree with this being the logic behind Nix’s decisions or if I disagree with this logic if it is what lead Nix to address the positions he did, but I definitely disagree with something.” – kaisertown

by Joe P. on Jun 5, 2010 11:04 PM CDT reply actions

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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