updated mock fa signings and a little steam

i dont mind that we lose what bothers me is that we are trying to win and still losing

nix and gailey need to have a serious pow wow about the rest of the season and the decision should be  make the best of it and play the rookies and maybin the rest of the year and trade away the the players of the past failed years and completely call it quits on this year and focus on building a solid team for next year


trade away lee evans for some picks  sadly i think this is the only player worth something to another squad and worth letting go in which will not create another void to fill in the future

i want marshawn here for years

keep whitner  yes i know we have wilson and scott but both are up there in age


we really need to get a solid foundation like i have been asking for what 3 years now

we can address two positions this year by swinging trades with baltimore and atlanta

we need to trade for gaither he would be a solid tackle and by solid his name doesn't end with bell or green  and is proven to you know block

make a trade with atlanta  for lawerence sidbury  he would make a great addition to the strong side he is quick strong and has a great spin move


in free agency  we should resign poz and brohm

and let stroud kelsey  mccargo johnson fitzy walk 


try to sign quincy black away from tampa bay


in the draft 


man oh man do i hope andrew luck comes out in the draft in my opinion he is the best qb in college and can be a real star for us  mock is with luck  declaring for the draft


with the first pick in the 2011 nfl draft the buffalo bills select ......................

andrew luck qb stanford

this pick is a no brainer we need to upgrade the talent at the qb position and luck has it  great vison well coached in college has strong pocket awareness and mobility


with pick 33 buffalo selects

gabe carimi ot wisconsin

in my mind there is no way gabe carimi is a first rounder nor a left tackle in my mind gabe carimi will come off the board at the top of the second round to someone who needs a solid right tackle and this is what he is a right tackle and will be a very good one at that


with pick 65 buffalo selects

dont'a hightower ilb alabama

when you switch to a 3/4 defense it helps to have 3/4 players otherwise you're stuck in a hydrid crap fest of a defense  hightower is a solid thumper with average cover skills great run stopper and very agile for his size 


with pick 99 buffalo selects

darrius morris ol temple

darrius can play pretty much anywhere on the line solid very athletic for the big man  depth is an issue with buffalo especially when the injury bug hits  meridth has proven to be nothing more then a roster player lets build this team with a foundation of solid talent to play when called upon 

with pick 132 buffalo selects

mario butler cb georgia tech 

mcgee is getting older youbouty and corner are avg at best by the time we phase out mcgee  butler will be set to take his place across mckelvin   great tackler has some hieght on him 6'1 to break up passes at its highest point


with pick 170 buffalo selects

martin parker de richmond

here is another small school big talent player has the mold of carrington  in my opinion better against the run  needs to get a stronger push at the line in his pass rush 


with pick 208 buffalo selects

weslye saunders te south carolina

he was kicked of the team  buffalo will most likely not spend a pick on him but a 7th rounder for a player with a huge upside makes sense to me



if you're wondering where the picks we got for the lee evans trade i turned them into gaither (2011 2nd 2012 3rd ) and sidbury (2011 4th 2012 4th )


i feel these moves will improve this team tenfold and put us on track for the glory years



if you would like to make me gm please write to


ralph wilson

1 bills drive

buffalo ny 14127 

and let him know




Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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