Not given up yet. Not now, not ever.

I'm not from Buffalo.  Hell, I'm not even from New York State, though I've driven through the territory once or twice on my way to Fort Devens.  But forty years ago the Juice's poetry in motion snagged a 12 year old Florida born, California raised kid into the National Football World.  OJ moved on and I remained a Bills fan.  I've carried the Bills torch faithfully since, enjoying the highs and sulking after the lows, but never turning my back on the team whose logo adorns my t-shirts, caps, keychains, and wall art. 

I became a Soldier in 1977 and brought my fanatic fanmanship of this team with me.

I was in Desert Storm during that fateful Norwood "wide right", and my SINCGARS radio stopped receiving the signal of that game with just under a minute remaining.  I didn't discover the devastating outcome until 8 hours after the final whistle.  

I sank in my favorite livingroom chair while stationed at Fort Sill, hoping the Oilers would not rub any more salt into the wound, telling myself that a 32 point spread is enough of a statement.  But realizing the better part of the half is yet to come I wasn't optimistic that this would be the case.  I feared a final of 55 to 3.

With my favorite chair overturned and my "white boys CAN jump" revitalization I enjoyed a sense of Frank Righteousness that would last a lifetime.  Even  to this day I will sit and watch that entire game of almost 20 years ago.

I'm new to this forum.  This is my first post.  I like much of what I've read.  There is cautious optimism that permeates almost every thread.  Is Fitz the real thing?  Don't pass on the first round QB next year... this is probably just another fluke.  All very, VERY good advise, I must admit.  So you will all please forgive me as I briefly look through my half full glass of Bills Koolaide.

Last year I witnessed an 0-7 Titans team almost make the playoffs.  I saw a team transformed by a single change at the QB position.  That team came together. They proved that it IS possible, even if they didn't quite make it there.

Last week I saw a turning point in my Buffalo team.  The defense may not have played well, but bad defensive field position from turnovers, bad breaks (interception in the end zone / forward progress) were large contributors. But I did see passion on both sides of the ball.  I saw perseverance.  I saw heart.  I felt their hunger.  For the first time since I was a young Soldier at Fort Sill, this crusty old retired Sergeant Major had to pick up his overturned chair.  Good for you Buffalo.  Keep me young.  NOW GO AND WIN ONE.

If all things go the way I wish for them to then tomorrow will be a blowout. Buffalo 38, KC 10.  All pistons will be firing on offense, defense, and special teams.  Fitz will have another great day and Fred will eclipse 100 yards rushing.  Steve and Roscoe will  continue to make a name for themselves, while Lee will provide KC with a free clinic on proper receiving technique.  The games end will leave expert analysts scratching their collective heads and asking themselves what the hell just happened.

After tomorrow, Buffalo will be the scariest team on everybody's schedule.  If they don't make a run for the playoffs, they will certainly crush a lot of dreams along the way.

I've lived much of my life based on the lessons learned on 3 January, 1993.  Oilers 35, Bills 3 with only 27 minutes of game time remaining.  You know how it ends.  Nothing is impossible.

Because of that valuable "life lesson" Buffalo delivered to a young Army Field Artilleryman, I refuse to give up on MY TEAM until they have been mathematically eliminated.  And even then i WILL  cheer their effort until the final whistle on the 17th week of the season.


Join me if you feel my passion.  Perhaps we can project some of our positive energies to those who execute the plays on the field.

GO BILLS!!!!!!!!

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