Grading the Bills: Game 7

While the Buffalo Bills managed to bring another game into overtime against a top-tier team, they ultimately lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the final seconds 13-10.  In what was a game full of errors, luck and bad play calling (by both teams), it still showed people in the NFL that the Bills will not at least go out without a fight.  At the same time, it showed several weaknesses that the Bills have across the board.  


Rushing Offense: D+

Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller could not get going against a tough Kansas D-Line.  Scoring no touchdowns again, and both backs limited to around three yards a carry, the Bills offense struggled all day long, especially in the first half of play.  Admittedly, there were times when running plays could have been implemented more throughout, but clearly did not come into fruition.  

Passing Offense: D

A disappointing display following a terrific performance against the Ravens to say the least. While Ryan Fitzpatrick had a late TD pass, he also threw another costly interception that stopped a good Bills drive towards the end of the fourth quarter.  Fitz furthermore proved to be unable to generate drives throughout the game.  The offensive line was to say the least abhorrent.  Bell and Howard proved incapable of stopping the pass rush throughout the whole game, prompting Fitz to have to abandon the pocket more times that not. Lastly, while the receivers had a fair game (Steve Johnson with yet another impressive TD), the tight ends did not catch a single pass the entire 75 minutes of play. 

Rushing Defense: F

Technically, the Bills defense as a whole played their best game of the season if we go by scoring.  On the other hand, the run defense once again belonged in the toilet.  Seriously, the Bills front seven need major tackling training.  Chief backs ran over 6 yards a carry, while Jamaal Charles had 177 yards on 22 carries (eight yards a pop).  Had Weiss chosen to run the ball more on the short third and fourth down plays (brought about by the run to begin with), the game would have been definitely out of hand for the Bills. 

Passing Defense: B

Aside from giving up an early TD and several passes on the Chiefs final drive, the unit had its best performance since McGee got injured.  For much of the game, they shut down Cassel time again and limited him to 152 yards of passing as a whole.  George Wilson is the latest Bills DB to miss a sure to be interception resulting in no turnovers on the day.  On a bright note, the giving up big plays to the tight end scenario did not emerge in this game. Pressure on Cassel was fair for much of the day with 3 sacks being recorded, 2 by the ever feared Kyle Williams. 

Special Teams: B-

Rian Lindell went one for two on field goals today, missing a 53 yard attempt in the swirling winds of the Arrowhead.  Moorman had a good day overall punting while Parrish made a big return late in the fourth to seemingly help put the game in Buffalo's favor.  Spiller had a lackluster return game on the other hand.  Donald Jones wiped out Arenas on one punt, but aside from that, coverage units still seemed to be lacking that April magic.    

Coaching: B-

Chan Gailey once again brought the fight against a tougher opponent, despite losing.  Something is starting to click with the team as a whole.  Still doesn't keep the majority of fans looking forward to the 2011 NFL Draft next year though.

Other Notes:

Up to this game, Gailey challenged the ruling on the field once (and won). Today he did it twice: the first unsuccessful in readjusting the yardage after a great effort by Jackson to get a first down.  The second successfully overturned a Lee Evans fumble after the Chiefs were ruled to have gotten possession after going out of bounds.  

Go Bills and optimistically yours, DynamicHero22

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