I Have To Be Cynical

Alot of peopele are going to look at the game and take positives from it, I for one am choosing to take the other route.

How in gods name can a team have 4 possessions in the the last 4 min of a game and overtime and get into the opposing teams end evry possession and not win the game. I KNOW HOW.

1st off, I dont know what Chan Gailey is thinking for  number of reasons, not running he ball on the Chiefs 42 yard line for 3 staright downs then deciding to try and kick a 53 yard field goal to win the game if it wasn't for Ryan fitz's make shift scramble we wouldn't have even been in 53 yard range. secondly he has a time out left in OT and doesn't try to ice the kicker terrible decision, we take a time out after a big play to put us in field position instead of riding the momentum in OT and overall just bad bad decision making.

Secondly, for all you huge Ryan Fitz believers out there he proved again why we cannot not draft a QB if Locker or Luck is available, his consistent ability to not make throw is a huge reason why the Bills did not win today, the interception he threw made me think the game was fixed (never in my 25 year lifetime have I seen such a horrible throw) and the intentional grounding penalty in OT, you just have to wonder where his head was at.

Thirdly, our defense actually plays half decent and we show we can put pressure on the QB and then our secondary breaks down and for some reason we cannot cover the player most likely for Matt Cassel to go to, his TE. Chris kelsay is probably the worst run defender I have ever seen in my life. He has a chane to hold the edge takes on the blocker the way he is supposed to then for some unknown reason he tries to spin inside and then what do you know Jamal Charles breaks outside for a 13 yard gain, Kelsay is pursuing Matt Cassel and instead of staying in his back pocket and running him out of bounds, he over pursues and allows Cassel to cutback and run for a first down and the list goes on and on.

The Bills proved why they are the worst team in the league today hands down, they had 4 chances to win the ball game and instead turned those chances  in to ways to lose the game.

I have been patient and have always believed in this football team, today i lost my faith. 

I love the Bills more or just as much as anyone on this sight but we have a very very very long road to success.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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